Midlo Celebrates Amazing Teachers

Who Is Your Favorite Teacher?


Who’s your favorite teacher and why?

During the week of week May 7-11, 2018, Midlothian High School celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week, dedicated to showing appreciation for Midlo’s outstanding, hard-working teachers. Teaching is not an easy job to pursue, and it takes a certain sort of passion, charisma, and dedication to maintain this career. Every teacher at Midlothian High School is unique in his or her own way, and every teacher has a different impact on students. Teachers provide students with an idea of what they aspire to do with their lives and motivate them towards that goal. Every young adult needs a knowledgeable guide to help them through high school and set them on the right path, and teachers fill this role for many students. As Midlo’s 2017-2018 Teacher Appreciation Week comes to a close, the students reflect on some of the Midlo teachers who have made the greatest impact on their lives and why.

Who’s your favorite teacher and why?

Kodie Tannor: Mrs. Bennett because she prepares us well for tests.”

Hunter Beck: Mr. Harrison because he is really good at explaining math to me.”

Joey Maguire: Ms. Crerie because she is really nice, and we have lots of fun in her class.”

Sophia Scarpinato: Mr. Thomasson because he is really nice and chill.”

Caroline Bowe: Mrs. Smith because she helps me when I’m struggling in her class.”

Jakob Marshall: Mrs. Mullins because she makes my bad days good by making me laugh. She’s really involved with all of her students, and her classes are very interesting. She’s very invested in her job, which makes me glad as a student.”

Kathryn Phillips: Mr. Jenkins because he’s really funny.”

Liam Wasson: Mr. Garrison because he’s a great teacher.”

Claudia Witt: Mr. Kirkbride because he cares about his students so much.”

Haley Hopkins: Mrs. Tully because of her enthusiasm and loving manner.”

Mackenzie Griffon: Mrs. Miller because she is so sweet.”

Garrett Harris: Mrs. Manuel because she is so excited to see us and get us prepared for our fitness testing.”

Sujeet Alwin: Mrs. Manheim because she cares for my well being at the level a mother would and Mr. Eliot because he makes me laugh non-stop and is my best friend.”

Thomas Rose: “My science teacher, Mrs. Smith, because she teaches well and always keeps the class entertained.”

Christian Quagliano: Mr. Hayward because he’s funny and cool, and he makes us do our work.”

Lexi Wright: Mrs. Fasulka because she actually cares about her students and she’s real.”

Maddie Sheldon: Mr. Bolton because he came in and started teaching late in the year, and he’s done a great job.”

Jackson Walworth: Mr. Davis because he’s really nice and funny.”

Aidan Stevenson: “Mr. Scherer because he’s a great guy.”

Julia Deaver: Mr. Abell because he is so energetic and nice.”

Alex Knorpp: Mr. Steele because he is very hard-working and very passionate.”

Thank you, Midlo teachers, for all you do!!