Dominating the Rival

Midlothian Girls’ Lacrosse Takes Another Win Over the Cosby Titans

The team prepares to chant it out before taking the field.

At 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 13th, the Midlothian Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse team took the field against their long time rival, the Cosby Titans. Junior Nora Mulroy said, “Cosby is definitely going to be one of the hardest team we will play this season,” but with the home team field advantage on their side, it left them ready to win. Through teamwork, stellar stick skills, and determination, Midlothian absolutely dominated the field. From the start of the game, the girls had a good grasp on what they were in for, and played off of the other team’s weaknesses.

With star offensive players, such as: Jenna Kyte, Caroline Wilkes, Olivia Harriman, Isobel Harrison, Natalie Webster, and Olivia Coleman, the team inevitably kept the ball action down by Cosby’s goal for the majority of the game. The game kicked off with Caroline Wilkes in the center of the ring for the draw, and the game was underway. Emily Peachee set the tone early by winning the first draw for her team and sending it down towards attack. Natalie Webster took control of the ball and the field, moving back towards the Cosby defense. After peeling around one of the defenders, Webster found her footing and fired the ball through the middle of the net. The team’s captains, Caroline Wilkes, Natalie Webster, and Isobel Harrison, were consistently ready for pass options throughout the game, and Co-Captain Olivia Coleman also was a strong support system from behind the goal; the quartet became unstoppable. 

Whenever the ball traveled downfield towards Cosby’s goal, it gave sophomore, Jenna Kyte, a chance to get in on the action. Kyte repeatedly secured herself in the right position to get ready to shoot on the goalie. Whenever there was a clear from Cosby’s goalie, the girls closely defended the Cosby defense and midfield which kept the ball down on Cosby’s side, using each other to play off of for the majority of the first and second halves.

After unfortunately letting a few goals slip past, goalie Alexa Battle made an unbelievable block against the Cosby attack, giving Midlo a superior lead on the scoreboard halftime. Defensive players Emily Peachee, Katie Oakey, and Schuyler Hicks held their own down by the goal and hardly let the Titans’ offense get past them. According to Peachee, “I think this was the best defense we have played all season; we played as a strong unit, which benefited us in the end.” The entire team stayed aggressive during the game and continuously found themselve outrunning their opponent and beating them to the ground balls. By the final buzzer, they left the Cosby players drained and exhausted.

The girls finished the game with a grand score of 17-4. This may have been their hardest opponent thus far; however, the girls stayed fierce and kept their guard up endlessly, as they secured a win over Cosby. The Lady Trojans hope to continue their winning streak and look forward into the future, as they battle James River at the Swamp on Friday, April 15th.