Midlo Staff Shows Spirit

Teacher Appreciation Week 2018

Mr. Latham, Mrs. Manheim, and Mr. Shrum show their VT pride during Teacher Spirit Week.

During the week of May 7- 11, Midlo celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week to recognize faculty and staff for their dedicated work with students. Many students wrote heartfelt letters to teachers who have impacted them, and some even gave gifts. The administration team partnered with Midlo’s generous PTSO to shower the staff with appreciation during the entire week, including treats, lunches, and daily gift card giveaways. During the week, teachers and staff also participated in a staff spirit week, including Silly Sock Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Twin Wednesday, Fiesta Thursday, and Midlo Friday. It’s never too late to say thank you to Midlo’s teachers and staff for their dedication to students. Thanks for all you do! We appreciate you.