Midlo Medford Basketball Celebrates Successful Season

2017-2018 Medford Awards

Photo by: BJ Beckwith
Medford Basketball Awards Assembly 2018

The month of May had an electrifying start at Midlo. On Wednesday, May 2, 2018,  Midlo’s Medford Basketball team,  supported by fellow friends, family, and faculty members, gathered in the Midlo library to celebrate a great year.  Throughout the season, players, coaches, and cheerleaders gave their best effort for every game and practice, and during the awards ceremony, each participant was recognized for his or her contributions. Congratulations to everyone who participated and played during the 2018 season of Medford Basketball.

Midlo Medford Basketball


#1- Vincent Biamonte

#2- Will Perkins

#3- Sarah Arthur

#4- Stephen Patton

#5- Tiara Criss

#11- Myles Howard

#12- Jordan Thompson

#13- David Heinen

#14- Terence Reynolds

#15- Justice Douglas

#20- Geoffrey Baskenville

#21- Josh Burkes

#22- Kuttrell Sheppard

#23- Liam Altizer


Amanda Nimmons

Dani Bell

Lynsie Dinsmore

Stephanie Kulyk

Amanda Legere

Kiyanna Deleon Guerrero

Emily Locklear

Tynekal Avens

Gabriel Green


David Brohl