Reunion on the Softball Field

Four Midlothian Varsity Softball Players Reunite After Playing Together Six Years Ago

Photo by: Todd Campbell
Abbie Campbell, Abby White, and Cameron Long reunite on the field 6 years later. Not Pictured : Maggie McDermott

When participating in sports, a level of camaraderie and friendship arises through mutual goals and dedication to the game, creating friendships that last a lifetime. Perhaps the best part of this is when friends reunite on the field after a long time apart.  While all four players began playing softball at young ages, four of Midlo’s varsity softball players reunited on the field this season. Six years ago, Midlo softball players, Abby White, Maggie McDermott, Cameron Long, and Abbie Campbell, played together for Chesterfield Youth Softball Association (CYSA), a recreational ball team in Chesterfield, Virginia.  Just a few years later, all four find themselves back together on the Midlothian field playing and having fun with their former teammates.

All four of these talented players began their softball experience together when they were very young. Sophomore Cameron Long started her softball days at the the young age of four and has felt an extreme amount of love for the game every day since she began 12 years ago. Juniors Abby White and Maggie McDermott played since they were two and five years old, respectively. Freshman Abbie Campbell first stepped foot on the field in kindergarten to play on a Gordon Elementary Recreational team. Campbell now plans to continue her softball career at Virginia Tech, to which she committed last summer.

Perhaps the best part of playing sports with lifetime friends is when they reunite several years later on the field, ready to enjoy the thrill of the game together yet again with much more skill and experience.  Six years later, the four varsity softball players faced Mills E. Godwin together in their first home game.  Cameron Long and Abby White both agree that playing on the varsity team is a unique experience that they will cherish throughout throughout high school. As a first year varsity player, freshman Abbie Campbell thinks “It is a cool experience for us to be playing together again. Cameron and I are on the same travel team, but Abby [and Maggie are on different ones], so it’s really awesome to be playing together again”. Junior Maggie McDermott adds, “After the summer CYSA team’s season ended, we all joined different travel teams, so it’s really fun to finally come back and play for our school together”.