Giving the Gift of Life

Midlo Students and Volunteers Donate Blood to the Virginia Blood Services

Photo by: Carrie Rowley
Chris Haynes eats a snack after successfully donating a pint of blood.

The IB Program teamed up with Virginia Blood Services for the second time this year to hold a blood drive at Midlothian High School on Thursday, March 1, 2018. Students signed up the previous week, and many students arrived nervous but determined to help those in need. The event filled the gymnasium with student volunteers and neighborhood volunteers alike ready to donate for a good cause. Before donating, the nurses also recommended drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy meal before and after, and not exercising excessively before the donation. Sophomore Zoë Hladky mentioned her increased water intake before donating. 

“Donating blood for those who need feels like it is almost my duty to help others in need,” says senior Alex Lilly. Students lined up by the door to get their ticket checked and their medical records cleared. Afterwards, volunteers led students one-by-one behind a screening booth for their blood to be drawn and tested by a nurse. Nervously, students sipped on their water waiting in anticipation. When cleared, donors sat in the multiple chairs set up near the booths and donated a pint of their blood. Many considered the moments before, the process of being prepped in the chair, the most nerve-wracking part to some people, but once the donation began, it was smooth sailing from there. Some of the requirements for donating blood included: being 110 pounds or more, having healthy iron levels, and obtaining a safe medical history. 

Before leaving the donation event, students waited at least 15 minutes before returning to class. People who donated were also given juice and a snack, as well as a t-shirt to commemorate their good deed. “I was proud to be a part of something bigger and important,” claims Midlo junior Amanda Chok