Scholastic Key Winners Announced

Regional 2018 Scholastic Art Award Winners


Photo by: Maddie Burke

Paul Miller won 5 scholastic gold key awards for his photography.

The Visual Arts Department is proud to share the results for the Regional 2018 Scholastic Art awards. A total of 39 students have collectively received a total of 77 awards, including: 21 Gold Keys, 19 Silver Keys, and 37 Honorable Mentions. The Gold Key regional winners will proceed to judging at the national level. Last year, two of our students went on to receive National Gold Medals. The Art Department hopes to send more students to win this honor this year.

All of the Gold and Silver artwork will be displayed in person at The Visual Arts Center of Richmond, as well as Honorable Mention images projected on a screen, on February 17-24.

A reception will take place on February 24, from 1-4 p.m, along with an awards recognition ceremony on February 24, at Binford Middle School at 2 p.m.

Congratulations to the following students on their achievements:

Abi Allums: Gold Key, Honorable Mention

Kolten Almany: Honorable Mention

Sarah Aud: Honorable Mention

Nick Bampton: Gold Key, Silver Key

Thai Beatty: Honorable Mention

BJ Beckwith: Gold Key, Silver Key (2), Honorable Mention (2)

Kendall Bernard: Silver Key

Alyssa Black: Gold Key, Honorable Mention

Hannah Bridges: Silver Key, Honorable Mention

Tori Bullis: Honorable Mention

Carter Burnette: Honorable Mention

Bridget Canderelli: Gold Key

Conan Darrah: Gold Key (2), Silver Key, Honorable Mention (2)

Grace Farmer: Gold Key, Silver Key

Ashlyn Fergusen: Silver Key

David Foster:  Honorable Mention (2)

Rebecca Gonzalez:  Honorable Mention

Thomas Gregory:  Honorable Mention

Abby Hinz:  Honorable Mention

Sydney Johnson:  Honorable Mention

Rachael Ladnier: Gold Key

Abby LaMere: Honorable Mention

Blake Longest: Silver Key

Skylar Mallon: Honorable Mention

Anna McElhinney: Honorable Mention

Paul Miller: Gold Key (5), Silver Key (2), Honorable Mention

Lauren Misson: Honorable Mention

Claire Mosher: Honorable Mention

Elizabeth Potts: Honorable Mention

Nabiha Rais: Honorable Mention (2)

Emily Smith: Honorable Mention

Faith Southworth: Honorable Mention

Daniel Stein: Honorable Mention

Trinity Tobias: Silver Key

Helen Trout: Gold Key, Silver Key

Hannah Walker: Gold Key (2)

Moriah Whitlow: Honorable Mention

Liza Wimbish: Gold Key (3), Silver Key (4), Honorable Mention (5)

Tess Wlader: Gold Key, Silver Key (2), Honorable Mention