Holiday How-To: Reduce Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress Management

Everybody needs to relax and enjoy the holiday season.

Photo by: Pixaby

Everybody needs to relax and enjoy the holiday season.

As the holidays approach, many people find themselves feeling stressed. Whether they hold the responsibility of feeding irritable relatives or can’t find a perfect gift, teenagers and adults alike feel overworked by the time New Year’s Day arrives. With these significant responsibilities, holiday cheer may be hard to come by overwhelmed by stress. In order to make the most out of the holidays, follow these tips when you start to feel upset or nervous about an upcoming event.

Stay away from technology.

Continuous gadget buzzes cause brains to remain in constant fight-or-flight mode, for brains release adrenaline shots when phones ring or tablets ding.  

Smell soothing aromas and fragrances.

Smelling citrus can soothe stressful feelings and help calm your mind.

Stick to a budget.

Before going out to shop, set a budget, which will limit the amount of stress involved with finding the perfect gift. Instead of buying multiple gifts to make someone happy, make a homemade gift; homemade gifts show love, time, and effort.

Learn to say no.

When asked to host multiple events, one should learn not to commit to anything without a thorough interest in it; without interest, the event will not entertain guests and may leave the host without a feeling  of joy and satisfaction.

Enjoy yourself.

While the holiday events will inevitably fill the calendar, never forget to leave time to enjoy yourself; the holidays are a time for peace and relaxation.

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