Tips for helping your child through COVID-19

Resource for Parents


Photo by: Karen Young, Hey Sigmund

Watch this video to learn more about easing anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Across the world, parents struggle with the effects of the COVID-19, including feelings of hopelessness, stress, and anxiety. The difficulty multiplies with children at home, due to the demands of home schooling, trying to maintain a sense of normalcy, answering difficult questions, and assuaging your child’s fears.

How do I talk to my teen about what is happening?  How do I alleviate their anxiety about a threat that is so real?  How do I alleviate my own anxiety? There are things that can help, even with this encroaching threat. It involves taking back control and reducing feelings of helplessness.  

Australian psychologist Karen Young, who maintains a website called Hey Sigmund (, shares valuable advice in her video How to Help Children and Teens Feel Calm When the World Feels Fragile..  Her website also offers many more strategies for anxious teens.

Midlo kicked off 11 Days of Mindfulness today and will post links (videos, activities, etc.) on social media for the next 11 days in an 11-Days of Mindfulness Journal.  Going forward on each #MindfulMonday, starting on April 20, Midlo Librarian Mrs. Heather Murfee will post on social media weekly, and Midlothian School Psychologist Mrs. Kristin Oberg will partner with the #Mindful Midlo Campaign, starting on Monday, April 6, by posting videos and helpful tips.  Videos and updates will be available on social media and on the Midlo Mindfulness page on the Midlo Library’s website.