Relaxation Tool Box


Relax and take a break from time to time.

Relaxation is any method, process, or activity that helps to increase the state of calmness and peacefulness or reduce tension and anxiety. Any time you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, try to follow these tips and relax:

Take a power nap.

Take a short sleep to restore your mental alertness but no more than an hour, or it will be hard to wake.

Listen to soft instrumental music.

Studies show that calming music relaxes our minds and slows our heart rate.

Take a day off.

Take a brain break and relax; put your mental health first and try to think about happy thoughts. 

Eat a healthy snack.

Feed your brain with healthy carrots and a delicious apple to revive your energy. 

Go out for a walk.

A few minutes under the sun can help to refresh your mind and clear up any stressful thoughts. 

Treat yourself.

Go out for some ice cream or treat yourself to a little present to make your day. 

Clear your mind.

Meditate or try doing yoga; take deep breaths and free yourself from stressful tension and anxiety.

Surround yourself with good people.

Spend time with some friends, go on a hike, or drive up to a beautiful look out.