Captivating New Chromies

Chromebook Distribution

Midlo football players love their new Chromebooks!

On Friday, September 8, 2017, Midlothian High School students rapidly descended on the open commons to receive their Chromebooks for the 2017-2018 school year. As soon as Midlo students held their Chromebooks in their hands, they headed back to class, eager to explore the devices that they have grown to love. This year, Chromebook distribution was a definite success; lines moved quickly and efficiently, as each wave of students that gathered in the open commons to claim their Chromebooks came in and out in a short period of time.

Chromebooks are a quintessential element of Midlothian High School, according to most teachers and students. The six million dollar investment helps teachers conduct advanced and more successful classrooms through online quizzes/tests, google classroom, and google drive. They also help the students complete any task they could possibly imagine, due to the fact that with Chromebooks,  students can find the information they seek with the click of a button. Sophomore Katie Gaeth exclaims, “Chromebooks have greatly enhanced my learning experience here at Midlo. It has every answer I could ever need, and it fits right in my backpack. Now, after having it for 4 years, I can’t imagine completing an assignment without it.”

Any student taking multiple AP/IB classes considers Chromebooks an essential component to the learning experience here at Midlo. Midlo’s high SOL/AP/SAT test scores may reflect the numerous resources available through Chromebooks.

Now that students have their much-anticipated Chromebooks In their hands, another exciting and educational school year at Midlothian High School can begin.