Jazzin’ to the Beat of a Drum

Percussion and Jazz Band Performance at MHS


Jazz and Percussion Concert on Tuesday, May 16

The percussion class, under the direction of Chris Thomas, truly takes on a separate entity from the rest of the music department. On Tuesday, May 16, the percussion class put on their annual showcase, consisting of three pieces, the main one being Frankenstein, by The Edgar Winter Group. Each person in the ensemble acted as a cog in an intricate machine, all synchronized and working hard to create the tapestry of sound they delivered to the audience. 

Additionally, the Jazz Band opened for the percussion performance. They started the set with a fast-paced, hard hitting piece titled, Cruisin’ For a Bluesin’, rocked their way through many songs, and ended with Stray Cat Strut, a 1980’s pop song. Throughout the set, all members of the band had the chance to blast out an improved solo, and each one left his mark on the performance.

You can catch the Jazz Band performing again at the assemblies this Friday, May 26th!