Teaching Through Humor

Teachers Recognizing Teachers Recipient: Mr. Eliot, Math Department


Photo by: Nabiha Rais

Mr. Christopher Eliot: May TRT Recipient

Every month, the previous recipient of the Teachers Recognizing Teachers award passes the award to another commendable member of Midlothian High School’s faculty. School Counseling Coordinator Ms. Cheryl Boyd chose math teacher Mr. Christopher Eliot for his “incredible amount of devotion to Midlo in general.” Ms. Boyd recognized Mr. Eliot for his diligence, explaining, “His attributions to Midlo are significant: he teaches students at the Algebra 1 C-Level and Dual Enrollment Pre-Calculus, which is quite a difference in content; he keeps counselors informed of remediation for his class so that we may help students attend; and he helps home-bound students. Although he has a seemingly stressful schedule, he maintains a great sense of humor, which helps his students and his peers laugh.” Mr. Eliot dedicates his time on not only his own students, but also the Midlo seniors as one of the senior class sponsors, giving a remarkable amount of effort to senior activities and Midlo activities in general.

Mr. Eliot felt appreciative that Ms. Boyd recognized him for the Teachers Recognizing Teachers award, explaining, “I thank Ms. Boyd for recognizing me; it is a true honor.” Currently, Mr. Eliot teaches Algebra 1 C-Level and Dual Enrollment JTCC Pre-Calculus. As he teaches difficult algorithms and livens the classroom through his witty banter, his favorite part about teaching mathematics is “watching the progress from the start of the year to the end.” His ability to reach students through his humorous dialogue allows the students to enjoy his class and look forward to learning the intense curriculum. Mr. Eliot has earned this award for his efforts to impact not only his students, but the senior class as well.