Artistic Summer Ahead

Tess Wladar Will Attend Governor's School for Visual Arts This Summer


Photo by: Hannah Walker

Tess Wladar will attend the Radford University’s Governor's School for Visual Arts this summer.

Sophomore Tess Wladar recently received acceptance into the Summer Residential Governor’s School for Visual Arts, which will take place from June 25 to July 22, at Radford University. The program offers students a glimpse into the college experience, while allowing them to enhance their artistic skills.  About the selection process, Wladar shared, “I had to fill out a giant sheet of everything art-related and worth bragging about that I’ve done recently, get a couple of teacher recommendations, and write an essay saying why I want to go. I made a portfolio and [traveled] to a hotel two hours away, where the judges saw my portfolio in person and interviewed me.”

About the program, she says, “It is extremely competitive.  Juniors [usually] are a priority, so it was kind of unusual that they let me in [as] a sophomore, instead of waiting for me to apply again next year.” She feels excited about her acceptance and looks forward to the experience this summer, saying, “It’s basically a condensed version of art school, and I think it will help me decide what I want to do after high school.”