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Senior Carly Roberts Will Teach Richmond Young Writers Workshops


Midlo senior Carly Roberts will work with the Richmond Young Writers this summer under a summer internship.

Across the page the letters go, the English language spattered upon the pages.  Writing is in the air at Midlothian High School.  For many high school students, writing remains a daunting task, reminiscent of restrictive time limits and the common case of writer’s block.  However, senior Carly Roberts considers writing a quintessential passion and joy integral to her identity.  Over past summers, Roberts attended the University of Virginia Young Writers Workshop, where she delved into various writing workshops aimed at inspiring and fostering youth writing.  During her sophomore year, Roberts began her involvement with Richmond Young Writers, a program that “introduc[es] the joy and craft of creative writing through year-round workshops to young people, ages 9-17.”.  Roberts’ inspiration began while taking a workshop, led by Valley Haggard, which helped refine and broaden her writing perspective.

From a very early age, Roberts has loved writing.  Now, as a senior, Carly looks forward to attending Emerson College under its WLP (Writing, Literature, and Publishing) program, pursuing her ambition to become a published author.  Over the summer, Carly will follow her mentor’s footsteps, instructing workshops with Richmond Young Writers.

Roberts looks forward to her internship opportunity, which will span over June to July.  She will serve as an assistant instructor for Mash-up mania, I talk back, and Fairy Tale Remix (a series of 4 week workshops for kids aged 9-17).  However, Roberts also will lead her own workshop as the main instructor.  She hopes to make a difference by fueling discussion and helping young writers polish their work.

She remarks, “I believe fostering a love for language, storytelling, and proseity in children is important; as adults, through instruction, we give the words to children that allow them to express themselves.  In brief, we are put in this position of responsibility to give children all they need to be eloquent, literate, and express themselves, a burden I bear heavily.”

She looks forward to working with the Richmond Young Writers this summer, admiring the connection as a writer she shares with children, saying, “I love the way children write. The fact is their writing is straight forward and pure, unimpeded, if I may.  In adults,  I feel we have this need to be complex in our writing; it simply isn’t as organic as children’s writing is.  I feel it’s important that I help encourage children to seriously write and not consider writing to be something exclusive to adults.  I want them to understand that writing is about expression and the art of conveying feelings.”

With leadership experience working on Midlo’s literary magazine and several years of experience with Richmond Young Writers, Roberts hopes to further refine her appetite for writing and language this summer, embracing the duality of what an author truly is, an individual who both writes and reads.