Uke ‘n Roll

Guitar Class Engages in Ukulele Seminar

Photo by: Jake Petrillo
A row of students jam with the class during the Uke 'n Roll seminar.

What is made of wood, has four strings, and an endless supply of fun? The ukulele, a simple island instrument, has swept across pop culture in the past few years, leaving a lasting impact on the music industry.  A few years ago, island music was a restricted genre. Now, a uke song or two on a rock album has become commonplace.

Invited by guitar teacher Mr. Fletcher, Samson Trinh, accomplished musician and teacher, decided to take advantage of this recent surge in ukulele culture. He created the company called Uke ‘n Roll to provide the community with anything and everything they need to play “…the world’s easiest, most engaging and addictive instrument.” Not only does Uke ‘n Roll sell instruments, method books, uke strings, and many other accessories, they also go to various schools around the area and teach hands-on.

On Wednesday, April 5th, Midlothian High School had the pleasure of hosting one of these Ukulele Seminars. Mr. Trinh took over the 4-odd guitar class, attracting many other students and teachers from all parts of the school. The class played through a plethora of songs and genres, learning chord shapes and techniques along the way. The classroom became a musical community in and of itself. The students and teachers in attendance proceeded to jam right up until the final bell, and no doubt sparked a love of ukes in students that was previously unknown.