Recognizing Compassion and Work Ethic

Ms. Cheryl Boyd, Professional School Counseling: Teachers Recognizing Teachers Recipient


Photo by: Nabiha Rais

Ms. Cheryl Boyd: April TRT Recipient

Every month, the previous recipient of the Teachers Recognizing Teachers award passes the distinction to another deserving faculty member. World Language teacher Sra. Travis Jimenez honored School Counseling Coordinator Ms. Cheryl Boyd for her “tireless work for our students, our staff, and our school as a whole.” Sra. Jimenez commended Ms. Boyd for her work ethic, explaining, “She is strong like superglue, as she always holds things together, and makes things runs seamlessly on the surface. Her poise, calm composure, and astute leadership in extremely tense conferences is admirable.” 

Ms. Boyd felt honored that Sra. Jimenez recognized her for the Teachers Recognizing Teachers award, explaining, “As Mrs. Jimenez was announcing the recipient, I became extremely emotional about it, as I began to think she was describing me. Not only have I known Mrs. Jimenez as a colleague, but also as a student when I was a counselor at Salem Church Middle School. To have her see me in both roles and to recognize me meant more than words can describe.” Currently, Ms. Boyd serves as School Counseling Coordinator and Scholarship Coordinator. From working with students on an individual basis to getting to know the students throughout their entire high school careers, her favorite part about counseling is seeing the growth and maturity of students as they progress. “Having been a teacher previously, I love working with teachers to help the students as this process unfolds,” says Ms. Boyd. Her ability to reach students in a variety of ways allows her to achieve all aspects of the School Counseling domain: academic, career, and social-emotional.

Along with seeing the students advocate for themselves, Ms. Boyd’s favorite part about her students is how each student navigates his or her present and future plans. “While I enjoy my relationship with parents, it is always impressive to have a student come to see me and ask the questions for themselves,” says Ms. Boyd. Ms. Boyd has earned this award for her plentiful amount of attention and passion for the betterment of our students and our school. Midlo will feel her absence, as she joins the ranks of the retired at the end of the school year.