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Junior Bethany Crisp Chooses Early Graduation to Attend BYU


Photo by: Bethany Crisp

Bethany Crisp celebrates her admission into Brigham Young University- Provo and joins the BYU Cougar Class of '21.

With planning and foresight, Midlothian High School junior Bethany Crisp will graduate a year early with the Class of 2017. Crisp contributes significantly to the Midlo community.  She can often be seen helping facilitate Midlo’s World Religions Club, which promotes religious and ethnic tolerance. In addition to her efforts with World Religions Club, she plays an integral part on the Midlothian Forensic Speech and Debate team, recently finishing first at the VHSL 4A State Competition in Extemporaneous Speaking, as well as leading the team throughout the year as a team officer.  Crisp also maintains honor roll status in the International Bacclaureate (IB) program. Her extensive extra-curricular involvement and strong academics all help to sculpt an incredibly motivated student.

Crisp decided on a whim that she would apply to Brigham Young University- Provo (BYU)  as a junior. To her excitement, she found out recently that she was accepted to the BYU Class of 2021, contingent upon her finishing two summer classes and receiving her advanced high school diploma in August, weeks before she will attend BYU. Crisp exclaims, “I’m excited to be a BYU Cougar. I’m a little nervous to be going off to college early, but I can’t wait for this incredible opportunity.”. She plans to study business, setting her sights on finance or marketing, with a potential double major in International Relations.

Please congratulate Bethany Crisp on this incredible honor. Welcome to the Midlo Class of 2017, Bethany!