One Fish, Two Fish, READ Fish, Blue Fish

Read Across America Day 2017

Photo by: Midlothian High School
Midlothian High School students celebrate Read Across America Day with Cat in the Hat masks.

The National Education Association’s Read Across America Day is the nation’s largest reading event, occurring each year on or near Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Midlothian High School is pleased to act as a contributing partner in NEA’s reading initiative. On March 2, 2017, Midlo continued its tradition of participating in Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) during Midlo Morning, as students and faculty alike read to honor to show a love of reading and honor Dr. Seuss.

The Cat in the Hat’s famed Thing 1 and Thing 2 proved popular.  Mrs. Regina Warriner and Mrs. Patricia Miller ventured through Midlothian’s hallways dressed as the duo and Midlo’s library secretary even painted her nails with their likenesses. Not to be outdone, several other teachers donned red and white to join the school-wide event. Students also engaged in the excitement, wearing red and white and dressing as various Dr. Seuss characters. Some students held Cat in the Hat masks throughout the day to join the fun. Overall, students and faculty embraced the spirit of Read Across America Day, commemorating the literary hallmark that Dr. Seuss left with his legacy.

While students and faculty helped pay tribute to Dr. Seuss through their efforts, they also participated in a national movement that encourages everyone to read. Mrs. Emilia Mazzanti, Assistant Librarian at Midlothian, helped organize the movement and describes reading as an important activity for individuals, saying,  “Reading is quintessential for students and adults alike; it helps improve an individual’s vocabulary, provides an opportunity for someone to explore places they have not seen, and offers the chance to engage in a broadening experience that can enrich an individual’s life.” Overall, Read Across America Day proved a big hit at Midlo, as students and faculty shared their love for reading.