The Road to MIT

Senior Dillon Powell Receives Acceptance Letter from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dillon Powell shows off his MIT gear and acceptance letter.

Dillon Powell shows off his MIT gear and acceptance letter.

Senior year means loads upon loads of college applications, and hopefully after that, acceptance letters. Students who are interested in a particular school may choose to apply for Early Decision or Early Action, meaning the students will find out their admission status earlier than the students who apply Regular Decision. A number of schools released their acceptance letters in early December, while some wait until the start of the new year. For senior Dillon Powell, late December proved an exciting time when he received his acceptance letter from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a four-year college located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A total of 8,394 students applied Early Action, and of those 8,394 students who applied, a mere 657 received offers of admission, including Powell. That’s only a 7.8% acceptance rate.

When asked about his acceptance, Dillon remaind humble, saying, “I have God, my parents, my counselor Mrs. Boyd, and my teachers, especially Mr. Sharobim, to thank for my success.” Through the constant support of those around him, Dillon feels that he “would not be in the same position [he is] today without it.”

Originally, Dillon did not dream of going to MIT and would not have applied without Mr. Sharobim’s encouragement. He tried not to get his hopes up because they are “such a selective college.” As MIT describes it, the admission process is “trying to find roughly a 1,000 person team to climb a rugged mountain together, with each person not only being qualified but also bringing something extra to the table.” Dillon feels honored to have received an offered spot on that team. 

If he chooses to attend MIT, Dillon hopes to major in Biological Engineering, either studying a pre-health track or following their 5-year program to acquire a master’s degree. MIT also offered him a spot on its lacrosse team. Since lacrosse has been a major aspect of his life for many years, that presents a clear bonus.

For now, Dillon will wait until he has heard back from all of his prospective colleges and has all his options in front of him before making a decision. He is also applying to Yale, Harvard, Duke, and Georgia Tech. So, for right now, Dillon is “simply savoring the moment.” 

Congratulations, Dillon!