November Students of the Month

Preston Willet and Isobel Harrison


November Students of the Month

Ellen Tucker and Shawn Abel

Congratulations, November Students of the Month!

Our male student of the month for November is only a freshman, but he is mature beyond his years.  The excellent grades he earns on a regular basis only represent a small fraction of what makes him special. Our male recipient consistently demonstrates a caring and inclusive attitude. Recently in his math class, he immediately included a number of students into his group during an activity. 

He is an active participant in the Midlothian community, and because of this, we would like to recognize our male student of the month for November: Preston Willet.

Our female student of the month is one of the kindest, hard working, and talented students you may ever meet.  She not only excels in all her classes but is continously supportive of her peers.  Recently, she went above and beyond to help provide her classmates with a wonderful homecoming dance. Spending countless hours at the school setting up and cleaning made the night one to remember.

And because of this, we would like to recognize Isobel Harrison as our November female student of the month.