Spring Concert Recap


Photo by: Kyle Reeder

Dressed to the 80s, Just for Show sings Boogie Wonderland.

On May 15, the school hosted a Spring Concert in the auditorium. The City Lights and Just for Show dance ensembles preformed pieces from The Night Of Stars they showcased in February.

The schools preforming arts teacher, Atticus Finn, directed the concert along with the Jazz Band.

Just for Show, a co-ed dance ensemble, preformed songs that included Dancin’ Shoes and Voulez VousThe ensemble dressed in 80’s themed outfits to match the music that was preformed.

The City Lights company preformed to the theme of Pleasantville. Pleasantville is a Rom-com made in 1998. The movie starts off in black and white, then turns to color. In the show, the performers wear a gray dress, that turn colorful in the end. This clothing changes shows how Pleasantville changes in the movie.

For Caroline Grabill, McKenzie Saddington, Anna Jackson, and Bella Vanderborg, this will be one of the last times they will have the chance to perform, being as they are all seniors.

For a final bow, the students said good-bye to their performances this year.