More Than Just Strings and Bows

All County Orchestra


All County Orchestra play beautifully.

On October 21 and 22, 2016, Midlothian orchestra students, including: Sujeet Alwin, Liza Hopper, Jinwoo Kim, Daniel Choe, Jacob Cantor, Clay Webb, Olivia Eggleston, Merrill Livingston, and Sydney Vannostrand, ventured to Cosby High School to participate in All County Orchestra. At this event, orchestra students from throughout the county brought their musical talent with them. Midlo orchestra students filled with excitement, as they loaded onto the buses, riding to Cosby where they would meet other students with their orchestral caliber.

Practice started as soon as students arrived, which allowed the students immediately to prepare for the concert that would take place the next day. Liza Hopper said she “was happy to play with others around the county that would enjoy the same activity and be at the same level as well”. Throughout practice on Friday, students grew comfortable with the music and their performance. Each conductor of every school around the county felt proud of their own students and happy to see them participate in such a prestigious orchestra.

On Saturday, the day of the concert, those in the orchestra arrived extra early to start practicing in order to perfect their performance. The dedicated students practiced all day, working hard and earning their spots in that orchestra. The time for the concert came, as parents and friends filled Cosby’s auditorium, eager to listen to the beautiful sound of the orchestra. The High School Orchestra played Summertime, a fun Jazz piece, Songs From Brave, Sedona, and Palladio. The auditorium  filled with a roar of applause and a standing ovation. Mr. Brian Fletcher, Midlothian Orchestra Teacher, expressed his “proud feelings towards the students of Midlothian and their performance”.

Overall, the weekend full of fun orchestra music, new friends, and hard work proved a success. The Midlothian orchestra students gained valuable knowledge and new experience and represented their respective schools well.