Matthew Tignor: Band Extraordinaire

Spotlight on Matthew Tignor and a Look Inside the Trojan Marching Band


Matthew Tignor stands with his arsenal of instrumentation.

The Trojan Marching Band remains as one of Midlothian High School’s most traditional institutions. To date, it has achieved the title of honor band eighteen times and works harder every week toward a nineteenth. As part of the music department, the band contributed largely in the seven-time recognition of MHS as a VMBA Blue Ribbon school. Currently, trophies overflow both the hallway displays, as well as numerous shelves in the band room. Additionally, the September 24th competition provided another batch of trophies to add to the stockpile.

No organization, however, is anything more than a reflection of its participants. The band strives to bring dedication, discipline, and overall enrichment out of all of its members. From August to November, band members constantly practice on the field, in the classroom, and in their homes. If nothing else, this just shows how much of a real impact the band program has on kids at Midlothian.

Matthew Tignor, a junior at MHS, has participated in the band program for over five years. He joined in the sixth grade, following in the footsteps of his older brother who played the trumpet. “I really just wanted to get out of exploratory, so I thought, ‘Why not?’,” said Tignor. He started playing bassoon and now plays 7 instruments- and is still learning. Tignor explained his intense interest as “a way to be a part of all aspects of band.”

He plays bassoon for concert band, alto saxophone for jazz band, mellophone, tenor sax, and baritone sax for marching band, trumpet just for fun, and tuba to participate in last year’s play, Chicago. Describing his enthusiasm, Tignor replied, “I really enjoy playing an instrument more than anything… ever.”

Tignor talked about the impact that the Midlothian Band program has had on the rest of his high school career. “Both the quantity and the quality of the relationships I have right now, I could have never made without band. That’s the sad part, but I’m really grateful.” Also, he goes on to explain his plans for achieving a Music Performance and Composition Major in college, likely even becoming a high school band director himself one day.