Rewarding Dedication

Teachers Recognizing Teachers Award: Mrs. Amy Tucker, English Department


Mrs. Amy Tucker holding the Teachers Recognizing Teachers trophy for her dedication to Midlothian High School for 24 years.

Every month, the previous recipient of the Teachers Recognizing Teachers award recognizes another faculty member for his or her dedication in the classroom. Mrs. Katherine Baugher from Midlo’s Theatre Department honored English teacher Mrs. Amy Tucker for her “continuous efforts and hard work, making English more enjoyable along the way.” Mrs. Baugher believes “English teachers are warriors.” She says, “I carry a strong respect for them, especially those who last, like Mrs. Tucker.”

Mrs. Tucker said receiving the award made her feel extra special, explaining, “It came as a surprise to me since Midlo has numerous dedicated teachers.” Mrs. Tucker has taught English at Midlo for 24 years, and her favorite part of teaching is “observing the students make real life connections to literature and seeing the students get enthusiastic about a story they initially thought they wouldn’t like.” Although Mrs. Tucker will retire this year, she says she hopes the academic excellence, school pride, and community service continue for generations to come.