Mack recieves January Teacher of the Month

2022 January Teacher of the Month: Ms. Jamila Mack

Mack recieves January Teacher of the Month

Photo by: Sophia Melita

Dual Enrollment College Composition and tenth grade honors English teacher, Ms. Jamila Mack, was awarded the January Teacher of the Month Award. Mack is consistently recognized by her students for the energy she brings to the classroom and for creating a positive learning environment. 

“Ms. Mack perfectly balances being a teacher with being an adult you can count on,” junior Jeniya Griffin said. “She humanizes students in a way most teachers don’t, and she’s truly so kind and understanding.”

Outside of the classroom, Mack spends her time hanging out with friends, watching movies, and eating out at restaurants. Mack enjoys watching old movies and TV shows, including her favorite movie Crooklyn. “It’s just a beautiful coming-of-age story about a family that is dealing with divorce and living in a local neighborhood,” Mack said.

Every now and then, Mack travels up to Pennsylvania to visit her family. She also enjoys visiting Brooklyn, New York where her twin sister lives. While they are not identical, Mack and her sister have been known to trick people by switching places with one another. 

This is Ms. Mack’s second year at Midlo and we are very thankful to have her.

Congratulations, Ms. Mack!