Midlo Boys Basketball battles the Manchester Lancers

Midlo Varsity Boys Basketball 2022


Photo by: Lauren Cassano

Senior Jack Scott attempts to a layup against the Manchester Lancers.

On January 21, 2022, the Varsity Boys Basketball Team under the leadership of Head Coach Jarhon Giddings hosted their fourth home game of the regular season against the Manchester Lancers. The last time the Trojans faced the Lancers ended with an 81-37 Lancer victory, so Midlo entered the game determined to change the score around. Though the Trojans were coming off a loss from their match-up against L.C. Bird, they did not let that stand in their way when heading into this face-off on their home court.

Junior George Akoto maneuvers through the opposing defensive line. Photo By:Lauren Cassano

Throughout the first quarter, Midlo and Manchester defensively were able to contain each other’s offense efficiently. As a result, both teams found it difficult to make any shots. Despite their stagnant position, Midlo showed that they were more than capable of keeping up with the Lancers early in the game this time around. Though Manchester ultimately headed out of the first quarter with a lead over Midlo, the Trojan defense was able to pull the game closer right as the second quarter came underway.

The Trojans work together to set up a strong defense against their opponent. (Photo by: Lauren Cassano)

During the second quarter, it was evident that the Trojans and Lancers had a defensive blueprint that worked in Midlo and Manchester’s favor simultaneously. At this time, the Trojans modified their line-up to give players, such as junior George Akoto, more playing time. Even with the changes, however, the second quarter was fairly similar to the first as stoppage time, use of the 2-3 zone and lacking offensive consistency remained.  Nonetheless, Midlo would soon outscore Manchester in the second quarter, putting themselves in a position to possibly take the lead in the second half.

Sophomore Harry Clarke dribbles down the court. (Photo by: Lauren Cassano)

As the game continued, the Trojans took most of the Lancers momentum following an impressive end to the first half. The third quarter progressed with the Trojans still finding it hard to produce on the offensive end against Manchester’s elite defense. Meanwhile, the Lancers began to adjust their plays in accordance with Midlo. As a result, Manchester continued to apply pressure defensively. This led to the Trojans starting to lose their initial spark on not just their offense line, but their defense as well as the Lancers pushed forward.

During the last quarter of the game, Manchester was unable to crack a double-digit lead, but they were able to maintain their lead due to their conservative playing approach. Though the Trojans ended the quarter outscoring the Lancers, it was not enough to fully make a comeback against their opponent, and they would eventually fall to Manchester 47-35. At the end of the game, the Trojans would finish with a game shot of 24% from the field and 0% from three, while the Lancers had a 33% shot from the field and 30% from three.

Fortunately, the Trojans did not allow the loss to effect their playing during their next back-to-back games against the Powhatan Indians where they won 68-56 and the Monacan Chiefs with a score of 65-55. The Midlo basketball team now prepares to play their first road game against the 3-11 Clover Hill Cavaliers.