Midlo expands the elective and P.E. departments

New Teacher Spotlight: Elective & P.E. Departments

Photo by: Bridget Tracy
For the 2021-2022 school year, a number of new teachers join the Midlo team.

Many teachers have come and gone over the course of COVID-19, and although it’s been hard to say goodbye, Midlo welcomes the new elective teachers with open arms. There are two new business teachers, as well two new P.E. teachers, all of whom have lots of experience to bring to the table. The new teachers include: Ms. Claire Harris, Ms. Sarah Bates, Mr. Robert Crumpler, Mr. Mark Botset and Mr. Alex Lentz.

Ms. Claire Harris is one of the new additions to the team of gym teachers. Harris has been teaching for four years, but this is her first year teaching high school. She went to Ferrum University for a year and then went on to get her masters at George Mason University for special education.

Hobbies:  She likes to cook, listen to music and spend time with her family

Dream Destination: On a beach in Mexico because she says it’s super relaxing

Inspiration: Harris’s 12th-grade government teacher inspired her to become a teacher

Favorite Singer: Luke Combs

Favorite Sports Team: Washington Capitals

Favorite Book: The Stranger

New to the Midlo art department this year is Mr. Alex Lentz who graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University. Lentz pursued with a double major in Art Education and Communication Arts, with a focus on illustration. After obtaining his degree, he went on to student-teach both at Glen Allen High School in Henrico and Salem Church Elementary here in Chesterfield.

The 2021-2022 school year represents Lentz’s first year as a full-time teacher. Driven to share his passion for art with his new students, Lentz teaches a wide range of courses, including digital media & graphic design, as well as photography. 

Hobbies: Watching Twin Peaks, playing board games (Chess and Dungeons & Dragons), drinking coffee, rock climbing and taking care of house plants

Dream Destination: Either Alaska or Florida to enjoy nature or family respectively. 

The Midlo P.E. department is excited to welcome Ms. Sarah Bates, a new P.E. teacher who previously taught at Providence Middle School. Bates graduated from nearby Cosby High School before attending the University of Virginia where she planned to pursue a career in education.

Not only will she serve as a vital component to the P.E. department, but also to the girls softball program as she takes on a coaching position. As a sports fanatic throughout her childhood, she saw a career in health and P.E. as a perfect fit. Her experience as a sports instructor and softball coach will be an asset for Midlo for years to come.

Hobbies: playing sports and coaching softball

Mr. Robert Crumpler is excited to join Midlo’s business department. Crumpler attended Old Dominion University where he pursued a degree in secondary education. However, it was not until he began coaching and umpiring for various youth baseball leagues that his passion for teaching became ignited. Crumpler then went back to school in order to make a career switch, thus granting him the ability to begin teaching at Midlo this year.

Hobbies: umpiring and coaching

At last, Midlo’s business department is proud to welcome Mr. Mark Botset. Botset’s journey to becoming a teacher at Midlo is full of twists and turns. Graduating from Radford University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, he went on to spend thirty-two years as a claims manager in the insurance industry.

After acting as a long-term substitute throughout the 2020-2021 school year, Botset decided to join the faculty as a full-time teacher. Despite this being his first year at Midlo as a teacher, he has had four children graduate from the school, so he is very familiar with the Midlo traditions.

Hobbies: small group leader at church and volunteering with various community projects

Welcome to Midlo, Ms. Claire Harris, Ms. Sarah Bates, Mr. Robert Crumpler, Mr. Mark Botset and Mr. Alex Lentz!