Trojan wrestlers reign as state champs

Anthony Schwartz, Crew Gregory, and Ashby Berry place first in wrestling states.

Anthony Schwartz, Ashby Berry, and Crew Gregory place first in the wrestling state tournament.

Midlo is home to some of the fiercest wrestlers in the State. On Saturday, February 20, 2021, Midlo Wrestling traveled to Virginia Beach where they competed in the rigorous State Tournament. After hours of intense wrestling, three Midlo champions emerged: junior Crew Gregory, sophomore Ashby Berry, and senior Anthony Schwartz

Crew Gregory accomplished the feat of placing first in both the Region 5B Tournament as well as first in the State Tournament in the 160-pound weight class. Under the influence of his father, who also wrestled in high school, Gregory joined the sport in first grade with the goal to stay active. Over the years, Gregory developed a passion for the sport. Not only does he love the competition, eating clean, and training, but he values the relationships that he’s made with other athletes in the sport. Now Gregory trains year-round, working out with as many people as possible. He says, “Mentally training is just as important because, without confidence in yourself and your training, you won’t get anywhere.” Reflecting on his recent victory, Gregory says “winning states was one of the best feelings in the world because had been working on it for 11 years.” 

Ashby Berry took the first place win in the 5B Region Tournament and the state tournament in the 170-pound weight class. Berry grew up around the sport as many of his family members wrestled, so naturally, he picked the sport up in first grade. To prepare for the 2021 season, Berry practiced at least five times a week and grew his strength through weightlifting. His favorite thing about the sport is “the feeling after winning a big match.” Berry hopes to continue to grow throughout the rest of his high school career and place in states once again. 

Anthony “Alaska” Schwartz joined the Midlo wrestling team during his sophomore year. Two years later, Schwartz reigned victorious in both the Region 5B Tournament and the State tournament in the 182-pound weight class. From a young age, Schwartz and his father bonded over the game of wrestling. The one-on-one competition fueled him to improve his skills and defeat his opponents. Throughout quarantine, Schwartz devoted most of his time to perfecting his craft. Through intense training, rigorous workouts, and a strict diet he expanded his skill set tremendously. “It felt amazing winning states. It has always been a dream of mine,” Schwartz said. Although he does not plan to continue wrestling in the future, the wrestling community has left him with lessons that are applicable to real life. 

Congratulations Anthony, Ashby and Crew!