The most beloved Netflix shows of 2020

Popular 2020 Netflix Shows


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Netflix is No. 1 streaming service of 2020.

As 2020 falls into the recent past, “quarintiners” will never forget the savior that got them through arguably the toughest year in modern history: Netflix. While, no one can deny that the year acted as an economic boon for most streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+, Netflix was crowned the winner, earning the status of the No. 1 on-demand streaming service of 2020, according to Sarah Shelton and Rudi Greenburg, writers for U.S. News and World Report. Some of the most-streamed movies and Netflix original series will forever be lodged into the minds of consumers, due to the memories people have associated with these shows during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The No. 1 most viewed show in the United States on Netflix comes as no surprise to anyone: Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. This documentary follows an out-of-this-world central figure, Joe Exotic, as he butts heads with local authorities, wildlife advocates, and the occasional tiger, all while trying to keep his exotic animal zoo afloat. Tiger King came as a culture shock for many when the documentary made its way to the public on March 20, 2020, several days after most people began their first days in lock-down. One of the storylines that helped make a name for the show is the feud between Joe Exotic and wildlife advocate Carole Baskin. Sophomore Caden Cibellis was shocked by the entire show. “It is really weird for two people to fight over tigers,” Cibellis said.  

The Queen’s Gambit also sits atop the throne of Netflix all-stars for the 2020 year. While Tiger King had more total viewers during the years as a whole, The Queen’s Gambit still had sixty-two million streams within the first twenty days of its release, according to Jacklyn Krol, a writer for Pop Crush. Another show that resonated with many Midlo students and American teenagers at large is the hit beach-teen drama Outer Banks. Taking place on the sandy shores of North Carolina, a favorite vacation spot for many Midlo families, the show quickly became near and dear to students. With an underground cast of actors, such as Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey, and Jonathan Davis, the characters made the show relatable to many teens during the uncertain times brought on by the pandemic. Junior Sophie Marusco loved the relationship of John B’s and Sarah. “They are dating in real life as well, which makes their connection much more genuine,” Marusco said. As of now, Outer Banks Season 2 is scheduled to release in the middle of 2021.

With 2020 wrapped up, it remains clear that these shows will continue to be loved and remembered by Netflix fanatics for years to come. Undoubtedly, the solid arsenal of shows Netflix released this year made a difference in many lives during the uncertain times which still linger on.