Goooo Midlo!

A Day in the Life of Principal Shawn Abel


Photo by: Ashley Manheim

Shawn Abel, Midlothian High School’s Principal

What does Mr. Shawn Abel, beloved principal of Midlothian High School and former math teacher, do all day? Everyone knows that he is the principal, but what does that mean? Is it as glamorous and effortless as television portrays it to be? Is it much harder, with piles and piles of paperwork never disappearing, no matter how many he signs?

Mr. Abel’s school day starts bright and early at 6:45 every morning. His 60-75 hour work week proves his dedication to making Midlo as spectacular as possible. His daily routine changes day to day based on his current agenda. One day Mr. Abel could be stuck in his office, forced to respond to email after email, and the next, he could wander the halls, greeting all of his excellent students and faculty members. “My favorite thing about Midlothian High School is the outstanding sense of community we have here. I truly believe that we attend one of the only schools  in Chesterfield County that focuses on making the school amazing,” Mr. Abel exclaims.

On average, Mr. Abel attends 5-6 meetings a day. He loves interacting with people, the students in particular, and learning more about everyone. Freshman Ellery Mcelhinney asks, “Does Mr. Abel go to all the sporting events, or just the football games?” He goes to all the play-off games, at least two of each sport, all away games, and every single football game. Many students and parents have wondered what Mr. Abel does over the summer. While students perfect their tans and travel to exotic locations, Mr. Abel helps prepare students and teachers for a fantastic new year. 

The hardest part about being principal for Mr. Abel is disciplining students; however, he understands that he must make these tough decisions to help the students develop and grow into amazing adults.  Considering the best interest of all students is a part of being principal, and Mr. Abel excels in this category above all. He believes he has the best students in all of Chesterfield County, and he truly cares about them. Mr. Abel loves his school more than he could put into words, fully invested in helping students and leading them to success. He believes he and his faculty can help any student reach his or her goal. His commitment to excellence drives Midlo to be the best in the county. Mr. Abel’s contagious signature catchphrase “Gooooo Midlo!” energizes the student body and illustrates the positive mindset present in our Community of Excellence.