Craft discovers the art of spinning flags

Spotlight on: Ava Craft


Photo by: Ava Gay

Ava Craft explores her passion for winter guard and color guard.

This winter season, freshman Ava Craft joined the the Midlo Winter Guard. Serving as the indoor season of Color Guard, the Winter Guard team works together every year to put on a unique show and rival other high schools in multiple competitions throughout the month of February. Craft began winter guard this year and plans to begin color guard next school year. Color Guard takes place during the fall season and works alongside the Marching Band, performing at both competitions and home football games. This year, the theme for the Winter Guard competition is Sirens and Sailors. Recently, the team traveled to a competition at Cumberland High School to compete with four other winter guard teams on February 1st, where they won second place. 

Craft shares what its like do be a part of the Winter Guard:

What’s your favorite part about Winter Guard?

My favorite part is tossing a flag in the air and being a part of the team.

What have you gained from joining Winter Guard?

I’ve gained a supportive team that will always have my back and a lot of muscle from the activity involved.

What’s the hardest trick you’ve learned how to do?

The flat toss was very hard to learn. You toss and catch the flag over your head.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining Winter Guard?

Get ready to put in work, and you might get hit multiple times, but it is all worth it in the end.

What are some other activities you enjoy doing?

I love photography, acting, and performing in Winter Guard and Color Guard. 

What type of community do you have with the people in Winter Guard?

We all have each other’s backs. Like in High School Musical, ‘We’re all in this together’.

Are you planning on doing Color Guard next year?

I am definitely planning on doing Color Guard next year, and I’m very excited for it.