Williams Travels Across the Atlantic

2019 Spring Break

Photo by: Jack Williams
Jack Williams and his father find themselves captivated by the view of London from the top of the London Eye.

During Spring Break, senior Jack Williams and his father traveled by plane to London, England. Before heading towards their hotel, the pair made the most of the available daylight and took a bus tour around the city. While on the bus tour, they caught a glimpse into the daily lives of locals, as they went about their day and the eye-catching architecture that the city offers.

The next day, the two travelers took another bus tour around the rest of the city. After the tour concluded, Jack and his father visited the London Eye, the most popular tourist attraction that serves as an observation wheel that takes visitors to a higher point in order to see across the Thames River and all the city action. “At the top of the London Eye the view was spectacular and it gave me a great view of the whole city.” says Williams. The next sunny morning offered a trip to the historical Tower of London, a segment of the Queen’s Royal Palace. Afterwards, Williams visited the Tower Bridge, an iconic symbol of London, which stretches across the Thames River, providing transportation for those traveling across the massive river.

A day of adventure awaited the two when they arrived at the Buckingham Palace, an architectural masterpiece often viewed by tourists. Williams and his father admired and took pictures of the focal point of Westminster, London. Later, they traveled to the Westminster Cathedral and observed the view of the high ceilings and art all over the building’s walls. The next day, the two took a boat tour down the Thames River to see the city from a different point of view. Later that evening, as the weather turned brisk, the pair attended a soccer game at the Emirates Stadium while watching their favorite team, the Arsenal F.C. “The soccer game was my favorite part of the whole trip.” explained Williams. After the game both of them squeezed into the crowded subway train and made their way back to the hotel.

The pair decided to take a trip around Windsor Castle, England’s oldest royal residence, known to attract visitors from throughout the globe. “The building was massive, and it took us a long time to see everything,” Williams recalled. After visiting many different attractions and monuments around England, Jack and his father decided to take advantage of the last day to relax and wander the city without premeditated plans. “Even without making plans for certain things, you can see so much by just walking outside of our hotel,” said Williams.

Williams expects to always remember this trip, as it fostered a father-son bonding experience and allowed him to cross off a traveling destination from his list. Williams stated, “It was a great experience that I will always remember, I will definitely try to come back here again sometime.”

The seven day trip gave the two a look at life across the Atlantic Ocean, creating memories that will last a lifetime.