Spencer Directs Midlo Production of Man of La Mancha

2019 Midlo Spring Musical


Photo by: Brent Novey

Pauline Spencer wraps up the day's rehearsal for Man of La Mancha.

Senior Pauline Spencer, the student director of Midlothian’s spring musical, Man of La Mancha, works closely with Mrs. Katherine Baugher to provide direction to actors and assist the overall process. Junior Andrew Duren states, “Pauline works collaboratively with the actors, making the process more enjoyable overall.” She started as a member of the Steamboat in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and ends her theater career at Midlo as director. Pauline is passionate about making the show the best it can be, and hopefully, a show the cast and audience will not shortly forget.

What are your feelings towards directing the spring musical in your senior year?

Truly honored. Having this opportunity really means a lot. Doing what I’ve learned from Mrs. Baugher in class on a larger scale is amazing. I get this incredible opportunity to interact with the cast, although I do miss acting and singing.

How would you describe your role in the rehearsal process?

I call roll at the beginning of rehearsals and start with an exercise to warm up the cast. I oftentimes take specific members of the cast aside to rehearse smaller, more intimate scenes.

What was it like to be on the other side of the table at auditions?

It was interesting for me to see what caught Mrs. Baugher’s eye, and I found myself drawn to those things as well.

What was your reaction when Mrs. Baugher selected you to be the student director of the spring musical?

An immediate yes. I didn’t even ask what the show was; however, I immediately wanted to start. I asked for the script that day!

What is something you have learned from your time in the Midlothian Theater Department?

I learned how to communicate with different people more effectively. I learned how to look at a piece of literature and really dig deep and dissect characters and stories.

How would you describe your directing style?

I’m a very active director. I get invested with the story. I consider myself a participant in the scene along with the actors, looking at each specific moment of the show.

Come see Pauline Spencer and the cast of Man of La Mancha, which runs May 9-11, 2019, in the Midlothian High School Theater.