Midlo Basketball Celebrates the Class of 2019

Basketball Senior Night 2019

Photo by: Lauren Cassano
The six Midlo Boys’ Basketball seniors celebrate their last home game in a Trojan uniform.

On Friday, February 8, 2019, the Midlothian High School Boys and Girls Basketball teams celebrated the athletes that will graduate this spring. Before the commencement of each game against the Huguenot Falcons, seniors, joined by their families, walked across the Midlo court for the last time amid cheers from friends and teammates.

The Midlothian Girls Basketball team took the court with the attempt to win for their one senior, Jessie Dziedzic. The game started with a back and forth, and with four minutes left in the half, the score rested at 2-2. With 2 minutes left, Huguenot pulled forward with a shot, bringing the score to 6-4. Katie Gaeth further closed the gap with a basket, bringing the score to 6-6. Following this, sophomore Maddie Fath scored to pull Midlo ahead, bringing the score to 8-7. Then, Fath closed out the quarter with yet another shot. By the half, the Trojans led the game with the score 25-12.

The Trojans came out strong in the second quarter. Sophomore Tiffani Bartee had a fast break and followed with a series of quick passes. The ball sailed to sophomore Jenna Shadders who sunk a three pointer. With six minutes left in the quarter, the score rested at 16-10 in the Trojans’ favor. Throughout the rest of the game, Midlo racked up points and played aggressively. In the end, Midlo defeated Huguenot, with a score of 57-30.

Following the boys’ game, the Midlothian Boys Basketball team recognized their seniors in their final home game against the Huguenot Falcons. After a key steal by Will Pomeroy, senior Matthew Schlensker sunk a basket to start the game. They continued their momentum, as Midlo completed a long pass across court to Aidan Marsili, who scored. With two minutes left in the first quarter, the score rested at a close 16-11 in Huguenot’s favor. In the last two minutes, the Falcons pulled further ahead with the score of 25-13. Throughout the remainder of the game, the Huguenot defense put tons of pressure on the Midlo players. Midlo fought until the very end, but ended up falling to the Falcons with a final score of 72-63.  

Midlo Varsity Girls’  Basketball, Class of 2019 

#11 Jessie Dziedzic

Midlo Varsity Boys’ Basketball, Class of 2019

 #4 Henry Davis

 #33 Bekim Gjoligu

 #21 Matthew Kotait,

#11 Will Pomeroy

 #5 Neil Richburg

# 31 Mason Schlensker

Midlo Varsity Cheerleaders, Class of 2019

Hannah Caliguiri

Cheyenne Canon-Martin

Zoe Davis

Chloe Naughton

 Chae Robinson

Gia Schiavone

Each of these senior athletes contributed numerous hours to their sport and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on their teams. As their high school career comes to a close, these athletes will surely be missed.