A Fantastical Night in Paris

Midlothian High School Prom 2018

Photo by: Candid Color
Prom Queen Joy Li and Prom King BJ Beckwith enjoy the magical moment.

Midlothian High School students started their Prom night by taking pictures with friends, family, and dates. Soon after, most headed for a favorite restaurant, where the fanciful night was just beginning. Paris-themed decor greeted the attendees at the Renaissance Hotel as they arrived. With the hotel bringing embellished decorations to tie in the theme, it was a night of perfection.

Everyone dressed in stunning gowns and tuxedos, creating an elegant atmosphere. As the evening progressed, Principal Shawn Abel drew attention to the center of the dance floor, where he crowned BJ Beckwith and Joy Li as Prom King and Queen; the pair also served as Midlo’s Homecoming King and Queen.  Throughout the evening, Midlo students danced, took pictures, enjoyed refreshments, and savored memories of the special night.

After Prom, students headed to Midlothian High School, where Candyland awaited them. A path of tiles led to the doorway, where students entered to find lollipop woods, candy cane Christmas trees, and a variety of other creative candy decorations. Each student had two tickets to spend on games to earn a variety of prizes. Students could enter raffles, the prizes including a $100 gift card to Target, a free parking spot, a cooler, and more. Music echoed down the halls, while students surrounded the best booth of Post Prom: candy! Buckets of candy, free to take, beckoned students to grab a handful.

Filled with sugar, many had the chance to spin the wheel, hoping to win a gift card, school spirit wear, or more candy. Bubble soccer took place in the auxiliary gym, during which intense games of crashing against each other in giant inflatable balls left many people laughing. Everyone found something fun to do. Late into the night, exhausted from a long, memorable day and night, students headed home with their collected prizes and pictures from the photo booth. Everyone made new memories this Prom night, which will last a lifetime.