Puster’s Princess Profession

Spotlight on: Midlo Senior Meredith Puster

Photo by: Rachel Bybee
Meredith Puster as Cinderella at Castle Rock Party Center.

Excited small children head down Hull Street with their parents, eyes aglow at the sight of a particular yellow building, knowing their favorite princess awaits inside for their birthday party. The yellow building houses Castle Rock Party Center. Midlo senior Meredith Puster  has the pleasure of working at this house of wonders. Birthday parties take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for children dying to see the princess of their dreams. The party center has glittering lights and an elegant staircase that the princess descends, singing to the birthday girl. The eyes of children sparkle with delight as they take in the wonder and amazement of this magic moment.

Puster has worked at Castle Rock Party Center for 2 and a half years, both assisting princesses, as well as being a princess herself.  She is so dedicated to the job that she bought her own Rapunzel wig. Puster credits the job for helping her learn how to properly sing, a huge blessing since she plans to major in musical theater in college. Her passion for Disney shines through her personality in every hour of every day. The magical music of Disney inspires her to sing, as harmonies and catchy tunes absently play in the back of her head. Rapunzel is her favorite princess, especially because of her fun, excited personality and long hair. On special occasions, princesses attend events, bringing even more joy to children not expecting to meet their favorites. Castle Rock, though known for hosing princess parties, also offer Sweet Sixteen parties, baby showers, and super hero parties. Meredith Puster has seen it all and could not love it more. 

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Getting to be a princess and play somebody that I’m not.

How do you handle the kids?

There [are] so many personalities around, and even if you’re not a kid person, there’s so many different kind of kids there that it doesn’t seem like there [are] so many.

What’s the most memorable moment you have had at Castle Rock?

We had a little girl [who] never had a birthday party before because she had cancer, so she never left her house before. She was so happy and cried when she got there. 

How would you describe your job?

Really fun, glitterful and glitterific. I’m a party princess and princess manager, which is an interesting job to have since not many people are a party princess or a princess manager.

Would you some day like to work at an official Disney park?

I don’t know. I think my ultimate goal is just to do professional theater. I feel like that [would be a fun thing to do. If I had the opportunity, yes, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to work there.

Why did you want to work at Castle Rock?

I was driving on Hull Street with my mom because we were going to a furniture store, and we saw these princesses outside, [so] I checked it out [as] a theater job. I did an interview, and I got the job. This is a really good job to have, especially since it involves singing and acting.