Fiddler on the Roof Cast Announced


Photo by: Samantha Johnson

The new cast of Fiddler on the Roof gather for the first time.

Midlothian High School’s cast of Fiddler on the Roof met for the first time on February 19, 2018. The cast is full of new faces and experienced ones, mixing together to form a show full of possibilities. Fiddler on the Roof is a musical focused on Anatevka, a small village in Russia, which follows the story of the poor, Jewish milkman Tevye and how he wants the best for his daughters. Mrs. Katharine Baugher and senior Dreya Fernandes, who will direct the show, worked together to choose the cast. “This is my first musical, and it’ll be interesting singing and dancing at the same time,” says Samantha Ramirez, an experienced junior in the art of theater. Hannah McCracken adds, “I think it’ll go really well. We have a lot of good people as the main roles.”

Be sure to see the performance, which will run from May 10-12, 2018.

The Cast of Fiddler On the Roof

Tevye – Will Johnson

Golde –  Madison Jarvis

Tzeitel Peyton Strange

Hodel Brooke Ward

Chava Lara Brinkman

Shprintze Eden Johnson

Bielke Avi Ben-Meir

Yente Rachel Bybee

Motel – Truitt Elliott

Perchik – Garrett Redden

Lazar Wolf – George Welch

Mordcha – Brent Novey

Rabbi – Yosef Collins

Mendel – Britton Baltich

Avram Nora Carlucci

Nachum – Patrick Hurt

Grandma Tzeitel – Caitlin Wright

Fruma-Sarah – Meredith Puster

Constable – Jake Feldpausch

Shaindel – Sydney Grace Havemann

Fyedka – Jeffery Wang

Ensemble (Villagers and Russians):

Brie Baltich, Grace Graviet, Kinsey Sullivan, Sophia Scarpinato, Summer VanNostrand, Samantha Johnson, Nicole Dudley, Molly Jarvis, Lauren Hazel, Lily Koski, Kylie Redden, Lara Ballout, Pauline Spencer, Jacob Fenyes, Noah Burch, Hunter Pearson, Ian Karst, Lee Elkins, Brandon Laine, Wes Albaadani, Christian Chambers, Derik Jacobsen, Elizabeth Cantrall, Drew Duren, Austin Lubnienski, Matt Smith, Bryan Davies, Kimmy Wrobel, Mallie Schneider, Kat Moser, Katelyn Mitchell, Camryn Clements, Samantha Ramirez, Kayse Umbaugh, Aya Abu-Elzain, Kayla Hebb, Jozie Perry, Madison Rosato, Anya Ruzicka, Hannah McCracken, Jade Durant, Grace York, Erica Fuentes, Anna Grilliot, Maddie Sheffler, and Nishi Parikh.