Midlo Men’s Basketball Suffers Tough Loss to Huguenot

Midlo vs. Huguenot Basketball Game

Photo by: BJ Beckwith
Justin Penn faces off aginst 7 foot Eric Rustin for the opening tip off.

Riley Townsend, Midlo Scoop Staff

The stage was set on Monday, January 31, 2018, at 7 pm, on Midlo’s home court, for the Trojans to face off against the Huguenot Falcons.  Entering the game with a 9-5 record, the Trojans were poised to add another quality win to their already impressive resume with a home victory against the 7-6 Falcons. Number 11 Will Pomeroy led the way with an astounding 5 three pointers on 45% shooting from downtown. In reference to the the team’s newfound confidence, “It’s awesome,” said Pomeroy, “It makes playing the game that much more fun.” The amazing team comaraderie of the Trojans, however, was not enough to take down the Falcons on this Monday night. Not only did the Falcons match the Trojans’ intensity, they one-upped it.

Throughout the first quarter, Huguenot failed to produce any points in the paint out of the half court set, but they were able to manufacture offense from turnovers, in=bounds, and fast breaks. Combined with Midlo’s own failure to generate offensive production (outside of pull up jumpers), Huguenot established a solid first quarter lead.

The second quarter saw a major uptick in offensive production, as both teams nearly tripled their point production of the first quarter. Heading into the half, Huguenot led 37-26.  Relying almost primarily on low percentage pull up jump shots, the offense stalled and was never able to establish a decent rhythm, due in large part to the incredible rim-protecting twin towers of the Falcons. Boasting an outrageous 6’7 and 7’0 height, Deshawn Ridley and Eric Rustin played their parts in locking down the Trojans’ offense with a combined 7 blocks and 21 rebounds. 

Huguenot coasted to a 64-51 victory over the Trojans, marking their eighth win of the season. Midlo looks to regroup and establish a new winning streak on Friday, February 9th, against the Manchester Lancers in a pivotal late season match-up.