Mrs. Palenski’s Fresh Start


Photo by: Katherine Krievs

Mrs. Palenski feels excited to return to her classroom.

On November 20, 2017, English teacher Mrs. Molly Palenski returned to Midlo after maternity leave. For Mrs. Palenski, it was like the first day of school, meeting many of her English 9 Honors and English 12 students for the first time.  She enjoyed time with her new daughter, Ruthie Grace, describing her as “a beautiful three month old girl who smiles all of the time.”

Mrs. Palenski feels excited to begin the school year and bond with her students. In fact, she is already garnering positive reviews from her students. Freshman Maddie Burke describes Mrs. Palenski as “a really great teacher [who] helps me understand English concepts.”  Sophie King, a junior, who had Mrs. Palenski for English as a freshman, says she “was really passionate about English” and “had really interesting conversations in class.”.

Good to have you back, Mrs. Palenski!