Trojan Football takes flight on homecoming night against the Monacan Chiefs


Photo by: Midlothian Trojans Football Twitter

Midlo’s varsity football team kneels down to discuss their remarkable win over the Monacan Chiefs

Following their second home of game of the season, the Midlothian Trojans were set to battle the Monacan Chiefs as they remain in search of a dominion district championship. During their undefeated stretch, the Trojans came off an historic 15-7 victory against LC Bird in a defensive showcase. On the other hand, the Chiefs entered this game with a 1-2 record while previously emerging victorious in a shutout against a struggling Wythe Bulldogs unit.

As the first quarter began, the first two possessions concluded with the pair of offenses struggling to move the ball downfield. This stagnancy was primarily due to Midlo’s defense intercepted a pass in their territory while Monacan special teams unit did their job a blocked a field goal at the Trojans 38 yard line.

Following both teams failing to score on their first possession, Monacan’s junior quarterback Turner Johnson would connect with senior wide receiver Tray Bagby  for a 48 yard passing touchdown, giving the Chiefs a six point advantage after the failed two point attempt.

During the course of Midlo’s second offensive possession, Monacan showcased their defensive capabilities in terms of containing the Trojans offense even though they initiated the possession with a 22 yard rush from senior running back Ashby Berry inside of their territory.

Once the first quarter completed, Midlo’s defense searched to prevent the Chiefs offense from scoring a touchdown in their territory, while Monacan hunts for a double digit advantage in the first half for the second straight week.

Midlo’s Cheer team celebrates after a midlo touchdown (Photo by: Midlo Cheer Twitter)

With the pair of teams set to finish the first half, Midlo’s defense started on an extremely high note by forcing a turnover on downs on their own side of the field. After a defensive stop, Midlo’s offense focused primarily on their rushing attack throughout the duration of their possession.

As a result, it eventuated to a rushing touchdown from senior running back Zach Wirt;making the score 7-6 after Trojan kicker Maxx Lawton converted on the extra point. Midlo resurrecting themselves offensively after the turnover gave senior safety Ethan Shelor  the confidence to intercept a pass from Turner Johnson that was intended for Tray Bagby. 

Midlo  struggled with time of possession against this Monacan unit. Because of that, with the Trojans defense taking away the Chiefs momentum, this gave Midlo the opportunity to take over time of possession offensively.

This resulted in a drive that consisted of 12 plays, 74 yards, while lasting over four minutes as the Trojans scored a rushing touchdown on the goaline, courtesy of Ashby Berry.

As the second quarter met it’s conclusion, Monacan’s offense progressively regressed from the first quarter to the second quarter as they turned the ball over twice, had multiple three and outs, and scored zero points as an offense.

On the other hand, Midlo capitalized on the Chiefs miscues as they scored three rushing touchdowns in the second quarter; in particular, the sixty yard rushing touchdown from senior quarterback Cooper Meads at the end of the first half.

With the first half coming to a close; the Monacan Chiefs attempted to improve upon their struggles as a unit from the second quarter while the Trojans looked sustain their high level of play offensively and defensively from the second quarter.

Midlo’s varsity football team rests and watches film on certain plays during the timeout. (Photo by: 1st and Vaughan)

Following multiple halftime events, Midlo’s offense received the ball at their own 17 yard line following an illegal block in the back, nullifying what would have been a 49 yard kick off return from sophomore wide receiver Drew Kleski. 

During the course of the third quarter, the Trojans as a team started to play conservative considering the fact that they had a double digit lead throughout the first half. Midlo’s offense failed to convert on two of their fourth down attempts in the third quarter; however, the main objective for Midlo was to burn as much time off the clock as possible. Because of that, the Trojan defense forced Monacan’s offense in the second half  to rely on their passing attack more because of them being in need of multiple scoring opportunities with time being of the essence.

However, because of the Chiefs skill position players being incapable of getting open against Midlo’s secondary, it forced Turner Johnson to improvise with his legs while abandoning the idea of pushing the ball downfield. With Monacan struggling mightily to find a spark offensively, Midlo’s conservative game-plan in the third quarter worked to perfection as they attempted to close out the game following a scoreless quarter.

As revealed by Midlo’s conservative approach, Midlo’s defense continued to make the Chiefs scramble for answers  as they were eventually powerless offensively throughout the rest of the second half. As Midlo maintained their 21-6 in the fourth quarter, their main goal at that juncture was to run the football consistently against Monacan’s defense that was currently tired. Because of that, the Trojan offense successfully accomplished that objective by scoring a rushing touchdown thanks to Conor Harrington following an interception from Zach Wirt. As that drive concluded, the scoring would eventually stop after Midlo’s possession offensively, giving the Trojans their 4th straight win on the season with a 28-6 win over the Monacan Chiefs.