Workout Wednesday: Let’s Get Physical!

Midlo Students Dress in Their Best Workout Gear for Spirit Week

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Olivia Newton John’s classic song, “Let’s Get Physical” streamed through the Midlo halls, as students dressed in workout gear on the third day of Spirit Week: Workout Wednesday. Most students decided to just keep it casual with sweatpants, running shorts, and a t-shirt; however, a few brought the 80’s back with leg warmers and colorful attire. As the week has progressed, more and more teachers and faculty have decided to get involved. Principal Shawn Abel and Assistant Principal Rob Gifford wore muscle suits, reminiscent of the SNL characters Hans and Franz, that may have topped their Blues Brothers outfits from Tuesday. The front office played well-known workout jams that students enjoyed hearing between classes. “I think that the music was a cool addition to the week. It needs to happen more often,” says junior Kyle Webb.

Tomorrow is Thrift Shop Thursday. Hit the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army and stock up on the wackiest, tackiest clothing available. As a reminder that the Powder Puff game is tomorrow during 4th period. Buy your tickets during lunch. Homecoming Dance tickets are also on sale!