Malibu Monday: Midlo or Tropical Oasis?

Students Kick Off Homecoming Spirit Week with Malibu Monday.

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To kick off Spirit Week, students came pouring through the doors in their best Hawaiian attire. The entire student body turned the halls of Midlo into a tropical oasis. Leis, Hawaiian shirts, and Chacos proved the most worn items. Other students went all out by adding coconut bras or grass skirts. Khaki pants and sun hats, popular items, provided staples to add to the fun shirts, the more colorful and festive, the better. “I think this was a good day to kick off spirit week. I’m looking forward to the other days since students can be more unique with what they wear,” says junior Leah Besser.

Tomorrow is ‘On Tour Tuesday’. Come to school dressed as your favorite rocker, rapper, or country singer. Break out the gold chains, band T-shirt, or cowboy hat to show off your personality and school spirit.