Science teachers inspire young women

International Day of Women and Girls in Science


Photo by: Midlo Scoop

Ms. Heather Booher, Ms. Morgan Hargrave, and Ms. Patricia Miller share their experiences in the science field.

Chemistry teacher Ms. Morgan Hargrave entered Virginia Commonwealth University with plans to become a pediatrician. However, those plans changed after a service-learning trip abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico. While there, Hargrave focused on teaching children how to speak English. “It was such a fulfilling experience spreading the wealth of knowledge and seeing my students make connections while learning from me,” Hargrave said. After that experience, Hargrave decided that she would be happier as a teacher, and shifted her focus in college, later graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Master’s Degree in Teaching.

While science teachers Ms. Patricia Miller and Ms. Heather Booher also didn’t decide to become teachers until later down their educational road, Ms. Jordan Plummer knew she wanted to be a science teacher her whole life. “I actually even used to make my sister sit at a desk in our playroom as I would ‘teach’ her on our chalkboard painted wall. I also always liked doing experiments and trying to figure out things in this world,” said Plummer. Booher always knows she made the right decision when she sees a student “show excitement about what we are learning or asks a great question during a lecture and we go off on some tangent about some interesting topic.”

For girls interested in pursuing a career in the sciences, Hargrave, Miller, Booher, and Plummer all encourage students to go after what they love, because it’s never too early to start going after what they want.

“To any young lady that wants to pursue a science field, I say GO FOR TI! The world needs to see more women in STEM fields. The road may be longer, it may be tougher, and it may not always seem fair… but NEVER let it get the best of you and ALWAYS continue chasing your dreams!” – Ms. Morgan Hargrave