Midlo students concentrate on tiny happy things

Tiny Happy Things


Photo by: Bridget Tracy

Midlo students share their positive possessions and moments.

Amid the time of COVID-19, one of the many struggles facing everyone consists of focusing on the positive. Although focusing on the big things in life, such as a new car or a beach vacation can feel more rewarding, it’s just as important to notice all the little things that light up people’s day-to-day lives. All of these minuscule moments and objects that bring joyous smiles into people’s days, called tiny happy things, help people stay positive in a time of so much darkness. The writer and founder of sweatpantsandcoffee.com, Nanea Hoffman inspired this idea with her radiant graphics focused on small everyday things to be thankful for.

Midlo students and teachers share their individual tiny happy things:

Crocs just make me happy. Whenever I wear them I smile. – Lauren Merrill, Class of 2021

My favorite tiny happy thing is running hurdles because it’s challenging, and it makes running more interesting because I have to think. -Madelyn Venable, Class of 2021

When it’s cold outside, and I’m uncomfortable, then all of a sudden the sun hits. It feels like the sun came just for me. It really makes my day and makes me feel so much better. – Ashley Jennings, Class of 2022

I love traveling. It always puts a smile on my face because you never know where you’re going or what you’re going to see. – Faith Panebianco, Class of 2021

I love when my Frenchie named Rocco meets me at the door and shows me love. –Mrs. Tully

After closing night of a play, hugging the cast always brings me so much joy! – Kathryn DuVal, Class of 2023

My cheetah blanket because I love cheetah print. – Gracyn Southward, Class of 2021

Receiving texts from a family member. Most of my family lives in West Virginia, Michigan, or California, and I just don’t get to hear from them very much, so it’s pretty nice when I get a text from one of them. – Lacie Bassham, Class of 2022

A thing that makes me really happy is my dog; she’s a silver lab. She is adorable. Especially now that we’re home a lot with online school, she’ll stay right next to me. – Cassie Grizzard, Class of 2022

I love waking and realizing you still have time to sleep before your alarm goes off and having an entire day to watch Netflix. – Courtney Phillips, Class of 2023

Going to get ice cream with my Nana, but not just any ice cream, chocolate ice cream with gummy bears. – Nicole Dudley, Class of 2021

When I get a new pack of pens, and I get to use them and make my notes all pretty, it makes me feel so organized and excited to learn! – Ella Keeler, Class of 2021

I love when I get new goggles! As a swimmer, it’s so much easier to see things underwater with new swim goggles. – Patterson Summers, Class of 2023

A soccer ball. I play soccer all the time, and it’s a great pastime, so whenever I’m feeling down, I just kick a ball around the field. – Emily Truong, Class of 2021

I have two nieces. They are two years old, and six months old, and I love them so much. Whenever I get to see them, it always makes my day so much better. – Nina Franklin, Class of 2021

Something that makes me happy are my friends, family, and my dogs. They always bring me joy! – Alice Kennedy, Class of 2023