Midlo shares top Halloween movie picks

Fall Entertainment Watch


Photo by: cottonbro

Midlo students share their favorite movies for the Halloween season.

As Halloween quickly approaches, the season’s themed movies skyrocket in popularity as a means for individuals to immerse themselves in the spirit of the holiday. However, in light of Covid-19, annual Halloween events and the tradition of trick-or-treating remain a question for many, giving movies the ability to act as an excellent solution to safely celebrate. Now more than ever, as Midlothian High School remains virtual throughout the month of October, students have more time to view their favorite Halloween flicks, as well as use them to provide a festive outlet, such as: Hocus Pocus, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Girl vs. Monster, and many other. From family-friendly features to horror classics, there exists a Halloween film for all types of audiences.

“My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus because it is a classic that never fails to get me in the holiday spirit, and I hate horror movies, so I appreciate that it does not leave me scared.” – Julia Fogle, Class of 2022

“I love watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! It reminds me of my childhood, and I am not a fan of scary movies, so it is the perfect solution to getting in the Halloween mood without all the blood and gore.” – Amelia Giecek, Class of 2022

“My favorite Halloween movie is the Shining because it has the most interesting plot from any horror movie I’ve seen” – Kaitlyn Haggerty, Class of 2023

“It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is one of my favorites because it feels very nostalgic, and the characters are so cute!” – Ashley Jennings, Class of 2022 

“All of the Disney Channel Halloween movies are my favorite because you get to see more characters you love” – Sara Bradbury, Class of 2023

“Hocus Pocus is for sure my favorite Halloween movie to watch each year because it incorporates all the fun elements of the holiday, and it is a great movie to watch with all of my friends.” – Charlotte Alums, Class of 2022

“My favorite Halloween movie is Girl vs. Monster on Disney Channel with Olivia Holt because the songs are so good, and the plot is very exciting and spooky, which is perfect for the season.” – Max Atzinger, Class of 2022

“Spookley the Square Pumpkin is definitely my favorite during Halloween since I remember watching it a lot when I was younger. It’s one of those “‘It’s so bad, it’s good”’ kind of movies.” – Anna Ganz, Class of 2023

“I enjoy the movie IT the most because the character Eddie makes me laugh so hard every time I watch it.” – Mackenzie Dwyer, Class of 2021

“When it comes to Halloween movies, I don’t really have one particular favorite, but I feel that Good Will Hunting is the perfect fall film.” – Emma Precopio, Class of 2022

“Girl vs. Monster would have to be my favorite Halloween movie because the entire soundtrack is amazing!” – Savannah Stone, Class of 2021