Blue and Gold Showdown

First Pep Rally of the Year

Photo by: Ellen Tucker
The senior class celebrates with a smile.

Party City? Check. Goodwill? Check. Every family member’s closet? Check. It’s that time of year again. The time of year when nobody is afraid to dress in blue and gold from head to toe. Nothing says “Welcome back!” better than the first pep rally of the school year. Students from other Chesterfield County schools will probably agree that Midlothian High School is known for iconic pep rallies. From head-to-toe costumes to body paint to props, Midlo students know how to show school spirit.

On Friday, September 9, As the roaring sounds of the drumline emerged from the halls and traveled into each classroom, the students immediately felt exhilarated for the pep rally to begin. Midlo students ran through the hallways, eager to secure  a spot in the first few rows of their class section. The senior class arrived in a bustle of cheers and school pride. Everyone felt excited to show their MHS pride for another year.  Of course, the beloved Trojan mascot rocked the pep rally with his enthusiastic high fives and revolutionary dance moves, setting the tone for the excitement to follow.

As Mr. Johnson announced the fall sports teams, the gym erupted in applause. Spirited screams and cheers filled the air as the cross country, golf, volleyball, field hockey, and football players walked out of the tunnel with a sense of accomplishment, knowing they represent one of the most competitive athletic departments in the state. Cheerleaders opened the pep rally by involving the whole school in the traditional crowd response, “Let’s go Midlo!” Students of all ages, decked out in blue and gold screamed and jumped so loudly that the gym practically vibrated. Mrs. Carolyn Manheim, business and marketing teacher, commented, “I’ve taught at many different schools, but I have never seen a school with more spirit than Midlo.” After firing up the crowd, events turned serious when the games began. The first competition between classes was a relay race, involving football pads, jerseys, helmets, and footballs. Seniors showed their speed and dominance by capturing wins in both the relay race and the balloon popping competition. However, juniors came back and triumphed above all classes in the final game of crab soccer.

After the Trojanettes coaxed the students to their feet with a high-energy dance routine, cheerleaders put classes to the ultimate spirit test: the Victory Cheer. This year, Juniors used their large class size to their advantage and won the spirit competition. Junior Emily Smith says, “We knew we had a big class, so it was awesome to finally beat the seniors!” This was the first time in years that the seniors did not come out on top at the first pep rally, and they did not take it lightly. Senior class president Sam Maguire reacted, “Now that we have a scoreboard keeping track of class points, it shows that we actually have to win the pep rally, instead of just assuming that we will.” The Homecoming Pep Rally on October 7 is sure to be one for the books, as freshmen, sophomores, and seniors seek to steal the ultimate title from the reigning juniors.