Fall sports athletes earn All-Region awards

2019 Fall Sports Awards

Photo by: Zoe Kopidis
Cheerleaders Claire Horansky, Rachel Damico, Lisa Richburg, and Camden Wood earn All-Region honors for Competitive Cheer.

As the fall sports season comes to a close, teams enter their respective Regional Tournaments to move into the coveted State Tournament.  While in these tournaments, every coach from the schools in the region met to form Region teams, comprised of the best athletes in the sport.  Midlothian, now in Region 5B, produced several athletes, who earned spots on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Regional teams.

Competitive Cheer:

Claire Horansky (12) – 1st Team All-Region

Rachel Damico (12) – 2nd Team All-Region

Lisa Richburg (11) – 2nd Team All-Region

Camden Wood (9) – 2nd Team All-Region

Field Hockey:

Bella McNulty (11) – 1st Team All-Region

Amanda Jennings (12) – 1st Team All-Region

Hayden Strausburg (10) – 2nd Team All-Region

Riley Martin (11) – 3rd Team All-Region

Lily DeBruycker (11) – 3rd Team All-Region

Kaitlyn Moore (11) – 3rd Team All-Region


Jamal Davis (12) – 3rd Team All-Purpose Defense

Girls Volleyball:

Diana Wesolosky (11) – 1st Team All-Region

Mary Courtney Hettinger (12) – 2nd Team All-Region

Morgan Meyers (11) – 3rd Team All-Region

Olivia Ibanez (12) – 3rd Team All-Region

Boys Volleyball:

Carson Parrish (12) – 2nd Team All-Region

Ethan Smith (12) – 3rd Team All-Region

Girls’ Golf: 

Ester Choi (11) – 6th Place State Medal