Celebrating Seniors in Style

Senior Class Day

Class of 2016!

As the school year comes to a close, members of the Class of 2016 prepare for the end of their high school careers, as they experience their final memories at Midlothian High School. Seniors did so on Thursday, June 2nd, as they attended their last end of the year awards assembly.

A sea of white and blue filled the commons as the soon-to-be-graduates lined up to process into the auditorium. The ceremony began with a welcoming speech delivered by Senior Class President Frankie Urcia. Principal Shawn Abel then reflected on some of the memories and great accomplishments that the Class of 2016 has experienced through the past four years, articulating perfectly just how fast time has flown. Mr. Abel then turned the program over to a representative from each department, who recognized seniors for their outstanding work in specific subject areas over the past four years. After the various departments gave their respective awards to countless students, Activities Director David Cooper awarded and recognized athletes who have achieved memorable feats this year, such as conference and regional champions. Assistant Principal Denise Bowes then awarded academic letters to students who have received As and Bs, showcasing the academically-driven student body Midlo is proud to have.

After awards, the faculty turned the floor over to the class officers, who recounted the class history and achievements of the class in their own ways. Frankie Urcia and Sarah Holland presented the class history, reminding the audience of the days when students played with Barbie dolls and Legos, emphasizing just how quickly time flies. Urcia, accompanied by Gabby Runge, also gave out senior superlatives, giving each student a silly gift, such as sunglasses or a piggy bank, making the audience chuckle. Choir students Megan O’Brien and Casey Berry also sang a breathtaking number from the popular musical, Wicked, entitled For Good, showing considerable vocal range and talent. Senior Malia Wing showed the senior slideshow, leaving the audience teary-eyed and feeling nostalgic. The video consisted of pictures from the past and the present, displaying just how much the Class of 2016 has grown up and matured.  

Afterwards, Mr. Abel took back the floor to showcase students who had perfect attendance, showed passion and hard work in extracurricular activities outside of school, and had received scholarships. One student in particular, Essence Mitchell, achieved perfect attendance all 13 years of her schooling, which was recognized at the county level earlier this year. Finally, to end the event, Frankie Urcia passed over the traditional “gravel” to next year’s senior class president Sam Maguire, who accepted it and the responsibility that came with it wholeheartedly, starting with dismissing the Class of 2016 to a delicious meal of Carytown Burgers and Fries on the football field and a fun day of bouncy castles and obstacle courses, as the class shared some of their last moments with one another.

Senior Class Officers

President: Frankie Urcia

Secretary: Sarah Holland

Treasurer: Gabby Runge

Historian: Matthew Cousins

Senior Class Sponsors: Mrs. Carolyn Manheim and Mr. Chris Eliot

CLASS OF 2016 Departmental Awards

Perfect Attendance K-12: Essence Mitchell

Perfect Attendance throughout high school: Andrew Biddle, Matthew Kim, Essence Mitchell, and Selma Raphael

Midlothian Student of the Year: Neha Kulkarni

Midlothian’s representative on the Superintendent’s Advisory Group for Education: Thienson Nguyen

Midlothian representative on Youth Services Citizen Board: Frankie Urcia

English Department

Richmond Times-Dispatch Newspaper Staffer of the Year Award: Neha Kulkarni

Herff-Jones Editorial Leadership Award: Hannah Lee

National Scholastic Press Honor Roll Award: Peyton Stites

Write Now! Contest Winners: Sam Farmer for his poem, “Red Light Intersection at Night” (1st at MHS; 2nd at CCPS level); Zainab Hasan for her story entitled “Lost” (3rd at MHS; 2nd at CCPS level).

Forensic and Debate 12th Grade Honors Medals: Bethany Burtch and Neha Kulkarni

Best Essayist: Sara Poe

Best English Student: Megan Jones

Social Studies Department

United States Government and Politics Student of the Year: Neha Kulkarni

Mathematics Department

Senior Virginia Math League Award: Angelica Lavan

Outstanding Mathematics Award: Matthew Cousins

Science Department

IB Biology Science Award: Claire Bobowski

IB Chemistry Award: Bethany Burtch

Science Department

AP Science Award: Amber Arnold

World Language Department

Keila Wallace and Thomas Hargrove earned medals on the National French Exam.

Outstanding French Senior: Keila Wallace

Outstanding German Senior: Kate Muelbauer

Outstanding Latin Senior: Thienson Nguyen

Outstanding Spanish Senior: Jeffrey Rubinos

Bethany Burtch earned a prestigious gold medal on the National Spanish Exam, and Merlyn Martinez earned a bronze medal.

Career and Technical Education Department

Business Student of the Year: Hilary Sensabaugh

Outstanding Student in Information Technology: Thomas Rysedorph

Marketing Student of the Year: Ethan Rossi

Outstanding Student in Engineering and Robotics: Subhan Saleem

Fine Arts Department

Art Awards

Scholastic Art Awards, Southeast Regional Winners

Kelly Bernard, Silver Key

Marlena Ashby, 2 Silver Keys

Gabriela Johnson, Gold Key

Nicholas Johnson, Gold Key, plus 2 Silver Keys

Bailey Lasch, Silver Key

Maddie Dutton, Gold Key

Sarah Kuennen, Silver KEy

Jenna Gravins, Silver Key Portfolio

Sun Trust Youth Art Month Show: Marlena Ashby

Outstanding Senior Graphics Award: Marlena Ashby

Outstanding Senior Photography Award: Julia O’Connell

Senior Award for Outstanding 3D Design Student: Malia Wing

Senior Award for Art: Hanna Fowler, Caleb Briggs, and Kelly Bernard


Special Theatre Department Award: Daisy Bedser and Hannah Lee


All County Chorus: Robert Bass, Casey Berry, Cameron Brewer, Jane Goodwin, Nick Linnell, Anna Luther, John Mora, Megan O’Brien, and Emma Yerly

All District Chorus: Robert Bass, Casey Berry, Jane Goodwin, John Mora, Megan O’Brien, and Payton Vernier.

All District Chorus:  Jane Goodwin,  Megan O’Brien,  and Anna Luther

Most Oustanding Chorus Student: Anna Luther


12th Grade All-District Concert Band: Vincert Boero and Demetri Maurakis

12th Grade All-District Symphonic Band: Julia DiMartino

Health and Physical Education Department/Athletics

Distinguished HPE Student Awards: Patrick Canderelli, Madeline Graviet, and Trevor Martin

The United States Marine Corps presents the Distinguished Athlete Award to: Nick Spichiger and Natalie Durcan.

The Central Virginia Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association presents an Athletic Leadership Award to: Frankie Urcia, Gabby Runge, Chase Boettner, and Matthew Cousins.

Success Program

Outstanding Success Mentor: Taylor Vest, Elizabeth Watson, and Schuyler Hicks

Success Achievement Awards: Kohlson Doty and Raquel Millacci

Prestigious Awards and Achievements

Prudential Spirit of Community Award: Ally Smith

Scholastic Excellence Award: Bethany Burtch

Richard B. Engard Award: Chelsea Hossain

American Legion Medal: Randy Hahn

Herff Jones Principal Leadership Award: Frankie Urcia

Midlothian Leadership Awards: Amber Arnold, Alex Balbontin, Claire Balbontin, Bethany Burtch, Matthew Cousins, Maddie Dutton, Jane Goodwin, Schuyler Hicks, Shealyn Hofmann, Sarah Holland, Rachel Kendrick, Neha Kulkarni, Angelica Lavan, Anna Luther, Daniela Nadeau, Thienson, Nguyen, John O’Brien, Megan O’Brien, Kathryn Osmond, Gabby Runge, Maria Scarpa, Nick Spichiger, Frankie Urcia, Merene Victor, and Malia Wing.

CLASS OF 2016 Scholarship Awards

Amber Casey Arnold: Virginia A. Justis Chapter of the National Honor Society Award $300

Marlena Nicole Ashby: Virginia Merit Award $9,000 Virginia Commonwealth University

Alexandra Elizabeth Balbontin: Class of 2016 Scholarship $500

Andrew David Bartee:  Calhoun Scholarship $32,000 Virginia Tech

Bradley Hunter Barto: Roper Memorial Scholarship $1,000

Robert Gates: Bass Band Boosters Award $500

Alexander Wilson Beattie: Sims Scholars Award $36,680 University of South Carolina

Daisy Kate Bedser: Sarah Bruce Memorial Scholarship $1,000

Kelly Jewell Bernard: Academic Honors and Achievement Honors Scholarships $53,000

Casey Shannan Berry: Midlothian High School Chorus Boosters Scholarship $500

Raisa Zaman Bhuiyan: Jessica Pascual Circle of Hope Memorial Scholarship $500

Cara Mia Boim: Ruritan Fellowship Scholarship $1,000

Hannah Taylor Brand: Merit Scholarship $14,000 Old Dominion University

Cameron Calhoun Brewer: Midlothian HS Band Boosters Award $500

Ian Julius Burkett: Provost Scholarship $54,000 Virginia Commonwealth University

Bethany Amira Burtch: Dedman Scholars $200,000 University of Texas in Austin

Kendrick Keith Cameron: Haley Auto Homework Helpers Tutors Mentors Scholarship $500

Melisa Cirkic: Haley Auto Homework Helpers Tutors Mentors Scholarship $500

Julia Anne Cone: Dorothy Hall Memorial Scholarship $2,500

Ian Mitchell Connor: Citizen-Leader and Patrick Henry Scholarships $100,000

Matthew Kevin Cousins: Altria and Lee-Jackson Educational Foundation Scholarships $5,000; Savannah College of Art and Design; 2016 Midlothian Junior Women’s Club Community Service Scholarship $1,000; National Merit Scholarship $2,500; Hampden-Sydney College; 2016 Times-Dispatch/Sports Backers Scholar-Athletes Finalist $2,500; Old Dominion Chapter NSDAR Good Citizens Scholarship $200; Rene Wagner Smoots Excellence in Math Scholarship $500

Raegan Ashley Cox: Midlothian HS PTSO Award $500

Lauren Page Crebbs: Wegman’s Scholarship $500

Sean James Dalton: PACE Collaborative Endowed Scholarship in Engineering $9,204

Julia Christine DiMartino: 4H Scholarship $1,500

Madeline Walker Dutton: Virginia A. Justis Chapter of the National Honor Society Award $300

Carter Henderson Fulghum: Midlothian Rotary Club Scholarship $500

Randall Peter Hahn: Appointment to United States Military Academy West Point $250,000

Schuyler Kelley Hicks: J.B. Watkins PTA Scholarships $500; Midlothian High PTSO Award $500; Old Dominion University; Band Boosters Award $500; Midlothian High SCA Leadership Award $250; Midlothian Athletic Boosters Association Award $500; Jessica Pascual Circle of Hope Memorial Scholarship $500; German Honor Society Award $200

Max Lucas Hurley: Billington Sanders Academic Scholarship $84,000 Mercer University

Nicholas Furey Jamison: VA Blood Services Scholarship $750

Riley Austin Kern:  Merit Scholarship $36,000 Ferrum College

Rachel Olivia Edwards: Kendrick 4H Scholarship $3,000

Genevieve Margaret Kluck:  Delta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship $500

Palmer Augustin William Korpal: George E Allen Academic Scholarship $1,500.; Great Aspirations Scholarship Program Scholarship $1,000

Sarah Nichole Kuennen: Virginia A. Justis Chapter of the National Honor Society Award $300

Neha Girish Kulkarni:  Interfaith Council Brotherhood Sisterhood Youth Award $200

Angelica Lovita Lavan:  Rene Wagner Smoots Memorial Scholarship $2,000; Great Aspirations Scholarship Program-GRASP Scholarship $1,000; Rene Wagner Smoots Excellence in Math Scholarship $500; Midlothian High Latin Club Senior Scholarship $300

Tea Diavian Lewis: Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Scholarship $60,700 Howard University

Nicholas Jeffrey Linnell: Band Boosters Award $500

Anna Elizabeth Luther: Midlothian High School Chorus Boosters Scholarship $500

Deanna Maria Mangano: Blue and Gray Award $4,000 University of Mary Washington

Erick Christian McNeil: Annie Henderson Wood Memorial Scholarship $1,000

Juan David Mora: Sarah Bruce Memorial Scholarship $1,000

Mackenzie Margaret Motola:  Founders Scholarship $56,000 Mary Baldwin College

Isaac Seif Mukooza: Merit and Room Scholarships $91,752 Hampton University

Zachary Richard Nolan: SWANA-Old Dominion Chapter Scholarship $1,500; Midlothian Athletic Boosters Association Award $500

Thienson Pham Nguyen: Latin Club Senior Scholarship $300

Megan Marie O’Brien: Mid-Atlantic National Association of Theatre Owners Scholarship $1,500; Midlothian High School Faculty Scholarship $500; Class of 1995 President’s Scholarship $1,000; Delta Kappa Gamma Society International –Evelyn Markwith Scholarship $500; Midlothian High School Chorus Boosters Scholarship $500

Sara Nicole Poe: Canes Achievement Award $56,000 University of Miami

Selma Miriam Raphael:  Donald A. Perry Foundation and the VCTA’s Virginia Future Leaders

Justin Ryan Rich: Trustees and National Buckeye Scholarships $53,200 Ohio University

Ethan Philip Rossi: Virginia A. Justis Chapter of the National Honor Society Award $300

Jeffrey Brandon Rubinos: Premio de Excelencia Senora Christine Wilson Scholarship $500

Kimberly Marie Russell: Virginia A. Justis Chapter of the National Honor Society Award $300

Maria Rose Scarpa:  Midlothian HS PTSO Award $500

Wesley Wallace Sebastian: Navy ROTC Scholarship $180,000

Hillary Diana Sensabaugh: Academic Scholarship $52,000 Shenandoah University

Ally Michelle Smith: Midlothian Rotary Club $500

Kyair Katie-Mae Smith: Midlothian High PTSO Award $500

Francesca Marie Urcia: Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship $1,000; Scholarship $1,500; Latin Club Senior Scholarship $300; Midlothian Athletic Boosters Association Award $500; Virginia Tech Alumni Association Richmond Chapter Scholarship $2,500; Midlothian Athletic Boosters Association Award $500; Class of 2016 Scholarship $500

Austin David Van Horn:  Midlothian HS PTSO Award $500

Elizabeth Lee Watson:  McKinney ACE Scholarship $80,000 Bridgewater College

John Richard Williams: UT Volunteer Scholarship $40,000 University of Tennessee

Matthew McElvie Williams: Prince George Masonic Lodge #115 Scholarship $750

Malia Boland Wing: Deans and Tuition Exchange Scholarships $242,920 Texas Christian University

Emma Caroline Yerly: Talon Award $4,000 University of Mary Washington

Midlo seniors, thank you for your decision to serve our country:

Christopher Adams: Coast Guard

Bryce Brooks: Army

Brian Cowley: Navy

Jake Feeney: Navy

Max Foster: Air Force

Simon Ludwig: Navy

Brandon Sherlund: Navy

Jonathon Van Horn: Marines

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