Senior Superlatives: The Best of the Best

Best School Spirit goes to: Nick Johnson and Alex Balbotin.

2016 Senior Superlatives

These 26 seniors were nominated by their classmates for the following Senior Superlative categories:

Best Bromance: Nate Millar & Mac Williams

Social Media King and Queen: David Sandborn & Julia DiMartino

Best School Spirit: Nick Johnson & Alex Balbotin

Best Best Friends: Anna Human & Hanna Fowler

Most Like to Have a Reality TV: David Sandborn & Daisy Bedser

Best Couple That Never Was: Nate Millar & Mada Graviet

Most Likely to Get a Teacher Off Topic: Connor Rea & Raegan Cox

Best Dressed: Anna Walsh & Jack O’Brien

Most Likely to Become a Millionaire: Nadar Siddiqi & Neha Kulkarni

Most Athletic: Randy Hahn & Gabby Runge

Best Smile: Thomas Rysedorph & Brooke Gore

Most Likely to Get ID’d at 30: Jory Woods & Hannah Brand

Most Likely to Break Their Chromebooks (not pictured): Grant Keller & Daisy Bedser 

Best Eyes: Austin Power & Amber Arnold

Best Hair: Matthew Lewandowski & Casey Berry

Worst Case of Senioritis: Wes Sebastian & Maddie Reynolds


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